Failure, rejection, disappointment, sorrow – several terms that point to the source of tears in life. While success brings happiness and joy to our doorstep, failure aims to take it all away. As two sides of the same coin, success and failure meet and greet us quite often. Knowing how to react, besides handling the situation well are extremely essential parameters for sustained growth. Though failure may fill our lives with sorrow, converting such moments into beneficial aspects for our future can bring back all the charm. As valuable lessons that can last for a lifetime, these failing moments can show us the path ahead. Though I often tend to cling to emotions and exhibit a sensitive side, I strive to train my mind in a positive way.

     A firm believer of the thought, ‘This too, shall pass’, I look at failure and success as temporary aspects of life. Crying over spilled milk due to a past failure or flying high in the sky over a success can be equally dangerous. Recognizing the impact of these factors at the correct moment can prevent us from unnecessary anxiety and troubles. As nothing is permanent, I prompt myself to remember this thought always. While experiencing sorrow due to a failed attempt, I motivate my mind to continue the efforts, without worrying about the end result. Though failure may seem difficult and need our attention and care, success also demands our presence of mind. While being surrounded by fame and fruits of success, I remind myself about the responsibility, maturity, sincerity and hard work it demands.

       Though success may seem attractive and welcoming, we need to understand that nothing can last forever. Unless we make efforts to remain consistent and work hard towards the goal, we may lose the crown of success much faster than expected. This demonstrates the need to stay focused, rooted and determined to achieve the ambition. While being surrounded by sadness and disappointment due to a failure, I think about the temporary nature of the trouble. Though I may have failed during that particular attempt, I remind myself about the next available opportunity. When life closes one door for us, it opens up another one soon. By throwing numerous challenges along our way, life performs its own evaluation test. Staying strong amidst all these difficulties is the key to success, as we realize the significance of patience, trust, hope and hard work.

     While sharing these ideas with my fellow readers, I understand the significance of communicating with my inner mind. By inspiring ourselves to invest efforts, hard work, hope and trust, we can march towards the feelings of fulfillment and achievement. As our own best teachers and critics, such positive thoughts can inspire us to keep going.

Now, while we have understood the real-life significance of keeping ourselves motivated and inspired always, let us look at some of the common situations that match well with the phrase ‘This too, shall pass..!’


  • When multiple attempts fail and you have given up hope, remember this too, shall pass.


  • When your dreams appear impossible and far away from your reach, remember this too, shall pass.


  • When your desire to own assets for yourself and your family seems difficult, remember this too, shall pass.


  • When you invest numerous efforts but none of them seem to yield any results, remember this too, shall pass.


  • When you are excited, happy, satisfied and overjoyed with your success, but tend to be lost in that happiness for a long time, leaving the current tasks in hand, remember this too, shall pass.


  • When you feel rejected and defeated, even after putting your best foot forward, remember, this too, shall pass.


  • When you have offered all your hard work for a project, yet it appears incomplete, remember this too, shall pass.

 Such is the magic of this thought that reminds us to work hard always, no matter how favorable or unfavorable the situation may seem.

Work, fail, work again, succeed, celebrate and work hard once again, after all life is a continuous loop running through several blocks and hurdles, on its way!


Published by Lavanya