Christmas and New Year's Eve might have ended, but what have not gotten over are the festivities and celebrations when it comes to weddings. The most popular time for weddings is always the months between October and March, and it feels like the entire city is dancing in anticipation of love and cheer.

Streets are lit, banquet halls are busy, the air is thick with sounds of musical instruments, and people are decked up in their finest. Speaking of finest, it is common knowledge that weddings mean new outfits and fabulous designer diamond jewellery. Not just diamonds, gold is also equally welcome. After all, what is complete without glitter?

The best jewellery showrooms,know the pulse of the people by heart and it is safe to say that they come up with the best jewellery designs to motivate themselves and bring excitement to their customers.

This wedding season, we have decided to serve everything to you on a silver (so to speak) platter. When it comes to gold jewellery design set with diamonds, we have chosen the best pieces of Hazoorilal Legacy for you! 

1. Tricky tassels

A unique design, this piece is not only fashionable but also very contemporary in style. With a string of pearls, diamonds and Zambian emeralds, it is set in 18k white gold. It has diamonds, pearls, emeralds, and gold. This power-packed set also comes with earrings, thus making the look complete and ever so fabulous. 

2. Drops of heaven

Trendy and classy at the same time, this pair of earrings is different and still standard when it comes to mixing with all outfits. Made of emeralds and yellow sapphire, these drops of heaven are set in 18k white gold. A very interesting and fascinating fact about this piece of jewellery is that each emerald weighs approximately 6.60 carats. Isn't that just absolutely wonderful? 

3. Dazzling Diamonds

This is the most beautiful trio of stackable bands you could ever possess. While the one on the left is made with calibre emerald-cut diamonds of 0.24 pointers, the centre most band is set with calibre Marquise-cut diamonds of 0.19 pointers, and the one of the right is set with calibre pear-cut diamonds of 0.19 pointers. They are all set in 18k white gold, and are the most elegant pieces of jewellery you'll ever set your eyes on.   

4. Bling and all that jazz

There are many weddings when one just wants to go all out and wear the heaviest piece of jewellery they ever own. Because, if not in a wedding, then when can one actually get away with all that bling? Keeping those occasions in mind, this set is beautiful and magnificent in its own right. This choker is set in 18k yellow gold, thus giving it a traditional appearance. The net and floral design is highlighted by precious rubies, emeralds, old-cut polki, white sapphires, and fancy shaped Boguette diamonds. The overall look is regal, and it can be paired with all traditional outfits.

5. Floral paradise

In this era where vintage is back with a bang, everyone is looking for new and innovative designs. Hence, this piece is a delight for all the adventurous people out there. A brilliantly defined jewellery, it is set in 18k white gold and is embedded with 102.35 carats of round, Marquise and pear-cut diamonds all placed together. 20 carat rubies add zing and colour to the masterpiece. 

Published by Sumity Paul