Now, I am a huge fan of Wrestling I feel the need to provided everyone with updates in the wrestling world, I can't be the only one in love with wrestling, So lets begin.

Starting this Week of Sunday: Was the Money In The Bank Paper-view: To start of the Paper-view is the Kickoff Show with two matches; Breezedango vs The Golden Truth: The Golden Truth Defeated Breezedango picking up the great victory. The second match; Dudley boys vs Lucha Dragons and the Lucha dragons pick up the victory.

Now Starting the paper-view all the way It started with The Tag Team Championship on the Line a Fatal 4 Way between 4 teams and picking up the win: Already the Tag Team Champions The New Day. A Very amazing match all 4 teams put in full effort.

After the paper view went on: With 4 matches until the waited event of the night the Money In the Bank ladder match the competitors were: Dean Ambrose, Alberto Del Rio, Chris Jericho, Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens and Cesaro picking up the amazing victory after an amazing match: Dean Ambrose with the biggest win of the night, that was until the Main event

Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship it was a long match, after everything Seth Rollins picks up the win giving Roman two Pedigrees. 

All was over until Dean Ambroses theme song hit and as he cashes the Money In The Bank briefcase with the biggest win of the night cashing in and giving Seth Rollins his signature move Dirty Deeds, The Money In The Bank paper-view ended with your new champion, Dean Ambrose. 

Monday hit: Monday night Raw begins and Dean ambrose addresses the WWE universe, A lot of things Happen between Seth and Roman Reigns the Main event of Raw was Roman vs Seth to see who would become number one contender for the Championship, At the end of the night both Roman and Seth are fighting till the extreme, all ends with both men being counted out none of them picking up the win, Shane McMahon then comes out to address the match while Dean ambrose interrupts saying "I will wrestle both on the same night" Shane then says "You will wrestle both men on the same night, same time" For the next paper-view Battleground it will be a triple threat all former members of the shield for the championship. 

Wednesday: NXT Rolls around a show on the WWE Network with a different set of Superstars wrestling, amazing matches, the Main event was NXTs new Sensation Shinsuke Nakamura vs Buddy Murphy with an amazing match Shinsuke picks up the win hitting Buddy with his signiture.

The WWE ends with Thursday: Smackdown,Kicking things off The Ambrose Asylum, with the Main event being Seth Rollins vs Sami Zayn in the being of the night Seth makes an open challenge to see who wants to face him Sami takes the challenge, tons of matches went on through the night, but of course the main event was great, long exciting match, Seth Picks up the win hitting Sami with a pedigree afterwards Dean starts beating up Seth, What's next for all these men, Waiting for next week in WWE, Stay tuned for next week until next time, 

I am Gabriela Montanez thanks for reading! 

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