A Sidney Keyes influenced poem (quite the war poet – died young, but he had already written well). Step up from those Monday blues, here we have a week ahead of us prime and full of time for living; let us use it wisely.





Just to laugh and see some smiling face
Laugh with me and not wonder why, but
Instead why not! The mirth opens up
To swallow the bleak and greying glum.
Hawks have handles in the wind and so
We have a way to rise in currents,
Breezing by blues and the freezing clouds
That scratch at a heart so rigid proud.


Wide flights, high flights, international
Oceanic wings, distant runways,
All things drearily waking before
The weekdays eyes just barely open.
Come, come! Let’s be up and facing time
We can use well and wisely before
The weekends eyes wink in slow slyness,
And in our shyness we dip our flight.

Published by Andrew Davies