Hello Blogosphere! 

I'm so happy to be writing again because guess what? I'm done with midterms and essays until November 11th, that's what!

What will I do with all this free time? I could learn a language? Or write a book? I could research post-grads? Do my dissertation? Nah. 

I've decided that this weekend is going to a fun one- my stress and dissertation and impressively low work ethic can wait until next week! 

Tonight after eating chicken tenders in my pyjamas and watching Parks and Rec all day I will go for a drink with a friend. Then tomorrow, I'll probably experience the Sunday blues- you know when you have a day off but you're hyper aware of Monday looming?

Anyway I'll hopefully have more exciting stuff going on next week for everyone to read about, but until then, bring on my fun, lazy weekend! 

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Happy weekend guys, and remember Halloween is a week away but you can be scary and eat candy whenever you like! 

Published by Lucy Mack