Well, it depends if you are narrow minded or not and I'm not talking about the people who holiday in the same place. 

I used to think that people who holidayed in the same place, year after year, lacked imagination and had no sense of adventure. 

Three years ago we booked a weeks holiday in Zakynthos, Greece because we needed a cheap get away. It was only by chance that we chose Danny's Hotel in Alykanas. It could easily have been any other hotel or indeed any other resort on the island, but I'm glad that it wasn't. Since then, we have been back two more times and it would seem that we have become 'those people' that once upon a time I used to look down on. This year we came back to Alykanas with two other families that we met here last year and whilst I write this, sat by the pool, I recognise other families and couples from last year too.

Nearly every one of these returnees say the same thing - "we don't normally go back to the same place, but..." and then go on to list a string of reasons why they're back. 
Its sunny, it's cheap, it's safe, people are incredibly friendly and it's relaxing. All reasons why people go on holiday in the first place and going to a familiar place takes one extra stress out of the holiday. 

People have scoffed at me, suggesting that my life is somehow less exciting than theirs because I chose to come back to Alykanas again this year. Sure, I love adventurous trips - I've slept in jungle caves, caught venomous snakes in Africa, stayed with Bedouins in Jordan, crawled in the drains of Kiev, explored Chernobyl and been shot at by Israelis in the West Bank. So don't try and suggest that I lack excitement, it's just sometimes, after the monotony of work I want to sit by a pool with friends, new and old and let my worries evaporate. 

I'm sure there's a moral in here somewhere and your holiday is your holiday - spend it how you like but don't become one of 'those people', you know, the ones who look down on other people's choices. 

Published by Richard Storey