There is nothing that makes women who are getting married more anxious than choosing a wedding dress. After all, you need to make sure that the model you choose matches your personality, style and also the type of wedding you are organizing.

With so many models of wedding dresses available, this mission often seems almost impossible, doesn't it?

To help you out, we've broken down some very important tips that will make the moment of choice much simpler. 

1. Know your body

First and foremost, it is important that you know your body very well and know which models and fabrics look best on your body type, so as to enhance your positive points and hide what you don't like so much. A good idea to start looking for models is by analyzing the shape of your body. Some references are:

- Triangle: In this type of body the upper part is smaller than the lower one. So the tip is to opt for dresses that add more volume to the top. The butterfly wedding dressis very cool, since it is not very fair and does not emphasize the hip, as the princess cut;
- Straight: Slim, straight or short-sleeved models should be avoided. Escape long skirts with huge tails and round or square necklines;
- Hourglass: Because the balance between bust and hip is quite proportional, you can choose any dress model. The most praising this body shape are the mermaid cuts and the little tubes;
- Round: Ideal for high-waisted wedding dresses, such as empire cut with flowing skirt. The V-neck and the heart are the most recommended. Avoid many ornaments and accessories;
- Inverted triangle: Choose models that add volume to the hip and draw attention from the shoulder area. For this, prefer necklines that are not open and skirts with volume.

2. Consider your personality

Your personality is also very important when choosing the ideal wedding dress. Here are some cool tips:

- Romantic: delicate and simple brides who usually choose chiffon or tulle dresses with delicate embroidery and floral themes;
- Classic: Loves to invest in the traditional, which is elegant and sophisticated, without resorting to fads. V-neck or boat dresses, with veil and many jewelry are successful;
- Modern: loves breaking traditions and prefers a more avant-garde look. She is sassy and invests in asymmetrical cuts, colors that escape the traditional white, shorter or well-cut dresses;
- Vintage: loves older styles and so invests in lace wedding dresses and Victorian designs or even wears the inherited family dress.

3. Analyze the type of fabric

Fabrics are essential when shaping the fit and even the comfort of wedding dresses. Therefore, understanding a little more about them is indispensable. See the most used:

- Pique: is a rougher fabric with geometric reliefs that adds weight and body to the dresses;
- Taffeta: has a lot of volume, resembles a brighter silk;
- Crepe: Has an uneven appearance and grainy feel. There are several types of crepe such as ruffles, georgette, wool, among others. It is best suited for mermaid models and with a lot of volume, can be accompanied by embroidery and rhinestones;
- Chiffon: Best suited for fluid and light models, such as those who want to get married on the beach or outdoors. The chiffon is soft and light.

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Published by Derek Lotts