The prospect of moving (and all the things that come with it) - paired with non-stop work and life's curveballs - has made this last week nothing short of busy and overwhelming. But there are little ways to de-stress that perhaps shouldn't fall to the sidelines. I'm incredibly guilty of that; I don't like to celebrate accomplishments until all the tasks are completed. So what do you do when you live such a busy lifestyle?

Go for a walk

Exercise usually helps me feel better when I need to release some tension, or even if I am already completely worn out. The walk wakes me up and provides me with a temporary purpose (I am very much a "to-do list" person), and by completing the small task, it can make me feel like I completed something in the chaos of life.


I wandered downtown earlier this week to try and achieve just that. On my adventure I discovered that Card's Bakery sells a line of hand-made llama gear. LLAMA GEAR! For anyone who knows me, I have a strange obsession with llamas that began... Well, I don't think anyone actually knows when it started. I sure don't. It's a mysterious love, I suppose. Because of the recent moving expenses, and the many more to come, I left empty-handed, but seeing this display made my day that much better.


I continued my walk up Princess Street and paid a visit to the new Kingston location of Balzac's Coffee Roasters. Having never been to a Balzac's before, I asked the barista for a recommendation (I love doing that when I have no clue what to order). She suggested iced tea, so I went with it and enjoyed it at their windowsill seating area. On hot days, the windows actually open up fully and provide customers with an even closer experience of drinking their hot/cold beverages while still being part of the action downtown.


A walk downtown to relieve stress just wouldn't be complete without a visit to one of my favourite new places, CRAVE Coffeehouse and Bakery. I've probably said it many times before, but their turkey with a twist sandwich is amazing. Just look at that pesto and cheese! Look at it! I definitely took one of those bad boys home for supper.

Have some fun

I also found this past week that doing something fun, albeit simple, can make a difference in the face of stress.


I spent an hour or two one evening with my boyfriend going for a nice, romantic walk at Queen's... Actually not really, the two of us just wanted to play Pokemon GO. But the walk itself was nice, and the architectural beauty of the buildings at Queen's at sunset made the outdoor adventure so much more worth it.


Another good option to relieve stress? Go for a drink and play some video/arcade games. We hit up the newly opened Barcadia after grabbing a quick drink at Sir John's Public House. I had packed a few quarters before leaving to meet up at the pub, and I think my boyfriend was pretty excited when I brought up with him that we should finally check it out.


We both played a few games together, and really just wanted to check the space out for the next time we return. With the assortment of classic video and arcade games, I know for a fact we'll be back.

Appreciate what you have

The final thing to help manage stress? Be thankful. There are so many people who have been supportive of me throughout these recent transitions, and none of it would be possible without that love and knowing there are people who can be counted on. I'm trying to actively learn to do this now, and to look at my surroundings and appreciate the opportunities coming up. Being excited is worth so much more than the stress.

Published by Ashley Newton