People have many preconceptions about netball. Some of the myths surrounding this sport include that it’s totally non-contact, it’s uninteresting and it’s easy. All these three assumptions are false and the reason for these myths is pure ignorance. Read on to explore the truth behind the netball myths - and discover the reality of the game!

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Netball is non-contact

Although officially considered a non-contact sport, in contrast with say rugby, there’s still a lot of contact in a netball match. Most players are battered and bruised at the end of a game! Netball involves defending physically and this can mean blocking with plenty of pushing and contact.

Players sometimes fall over and bang into walls, as well as other players. Netball is a very physical game and good strength is needed to play at a high level. Just look at the elite players, as they will usually have plenty of muscle definition.

Netball is uninteresting

Some people claim netball is boring. This again is a false assumption and plain ridiculous. If a sport is entertaining or not is entirely subjective, but obviously, there is lots of excitement in a game of netball. Possession of the ball can change from one team to the other in a heartbeat, with fast and explosive play.

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There can be high numbers of goals scored with fast, skillful passes, incredible shots and clever positioning. Over 20 million people play netball around the world, so it’s obviously not a boring sport.

Movement and passing are just two types of skills that can be practiced using a netball drill training video, from experts such as These videos will show how engaging netball training can be.

Netball is easy

Netball is most definitely not easy to play. Although it is easy to get started and play a casual game with friends, to play at the highest level takes considerable skill, dedication, and talent. You need excellent fitness to play a 60-minute match, along with strength and agility. Fitness and strength training is required along with a 
high-energy diet.

Young players often start playing at school, which is how it gains its negative ‘school sport’ reputation. However, top-flight netball is a far cry from school netball. You should try this exciting and engaging sport and see for yourself

Published by Sunil Pandey