There are many basic principles of PR but few are as important as audience targeting. It is one of the most fundamental techniques, which allows you to identify who your public is and tailor your messages to that specific group or groups. Targeting is one of the main techniques of PR, and whatever your business is, you need to understand the benefits it has. 

Let's take a look.

  • Save money, time, and effort for yourself and others  

Audience targeting allows Public Relation services to focus on the people who are (or could be) interested in your service or product. It provides opportunities to focus on all the resources you have more efficiently. It's also a more ethical approach to PR because it allows you to avoid bothering people who don't care about what you offer and who might not receive any benefit from the interaction. PR considers that the relationship you build with your audience goes both ways, so being precise in who you want to engage and who you don't want to engage can be a very useful strategy on the long term. Many entrepreneurs feel that by targeting widely, they are maximizing the public and, thus, the profits, they can reach. However, this is not accurate. Instead, you are spreading your resources too thin and using them inefficiently without obtaining additional gains.

  • Maximize profits 

Targeting a specific audience is a way of maximizing profit. You are sending your information directly to the people who care about it and who can become your clients, employees, or stakeholders. This means that you have a higher likelihood of engaging an audience that can work with you directly and achieve a higher conversion rate. The targeting process also helps you identify your audience's needs and wants in a more efficient way.  Modern approaches can help recognize specific characteristics that will in turn help you adapt what you offer for your public and continue to maximize profits by giving others a useful and relevant product or service. “Most SaaS companies know that people hesitate about signing up for a new service. But, offering a free trial means you can see what the service is like, with no risk. SaaS companies also understand that somebody already using their service for free is more likely to upgrade to a paid subscription than is a total stranger”.

  • Know your niche 

There is nothing that appeals to everyone (except, possibly, money).  People are fundamentally different and will engage with products, services, organizations, and public figures in a variety of ways. If you know how your audience engages, you can make it easier and learn the specific details of your niche, which will make you a more effective communicator. You can build a unique relationship with your public by knowing more about them, but this can only be accomplished when you have a clear, defined idea of who your audience is and what distinguishes from others. You want to engage a specific group of people and learn from them to keep them satisfied and invested. 


Published by Rose bella