My favorite verse is Matthew 4:20 “At once, they left their nets and followed Him.”

I love the simplicity of the wording and the power of what it represents. In a single moment, these disciples left their nets and their livelihood (the only lifestyle they had ever known) to follow Jesus.

On Sunday, I expanded on this story to include what happened leading up to this verse.

John 1:35-39 tells of a few guys seeing Jesus walk by for the first time. They decided to seek Him out and stay with Jesus for the remainder of the day.

In Luke 5:1-3, we see that Jesus had to get into Simon’s boat so He could continue teaching the crowd. At this point, these disciples decided to welcome Jesus into their everyday lives.

Finally, Luke 5:4-11 shows that Jesus did something miraculous in that boat which led to other fishermen being blessed with such a large catch of fish. This is when the disciples decided to follow Jesus.

Friends, these are the three steps of faith: seek, welcome, and follow. As we learn to do that, we will also learn to expect more from God!

Published by David Sacerich