If you have been constantly struggling to finish tasks that you have already started, maybe you have been having projects and tasks for a while now on your desk waiting for your attention, some of them you have already started but time management has been an issue for you, therefore you need to make effort to complete them. I have few tips you can use to overcome that habit of leaving things unfinished.

And even if you think ‘well it’s not that big deal, the tasks are not that important its okay if they remain unfinished,’ but do you know there are always a personal satisfaction we get when we finish our tasks regardless of how important they are? Since we started them anyway, we might as well make effort to finish them.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes we may have multiple things that require our attention simultaneously, and it will come a point where you have a few tasks that you cannot delegate to anyone else because only you are required to get them done. You know…like that saying that says, “You cannot hire somebody else to do pushups for you.” So you don’t have any other options other than to make an effort to complete them.

I have been in a place where time management was kind of an issue, and honestly I am still am at this moment, but the difference is I now know how to handle things a little much better. Sometimes life can hand you more things and responsibilities, and just when you think ‘aha, I now have time to do that task I have been putting on hold for a while now,’ that’s when more things that need your attention from nowhere keep coming your way.

If you are like me that you need to remind yourself constantly that you need to finish what you had already started, these three tips maybe just what you need to hear to help you get things done, and also be able to tackle those unfinished tasks or projects you have been delaying because of lack of time, or motivation, or it could also be because of other types of destructions.

Even though I have been able to getting much better results to be able to see my progress, but we all know when it comes to getting results, we are required to put in the time and effort to complete the tasks at hand. Even though we may be able to squeeze our time, but we also have to make effort and be committed to finish and complete that we have already started.

So, what are these three tips?

  • You will always have time for things you put first

Meaning that whatever you have been putting on hold, make it your first priority for the moment until you are able to complete or finish it. If it used to be the last priority on your tasks or to do list, then move it to be your first priority for the sake of getting it done, or to complete it. Chances are if it is your first thing on your to do list, you will get it done first, there will be no excuses because you have got to get it done in order to move to a second task.

If it is some kind of an ongoing project that means each time you make plans or you schedule your activities and tasks, that project portion of activity or task is going to be first on your list of to do things. And again, you still have to make an effort, because in your mind you could probably be saying, ‘I need to skip this task, it’s not that important. I should probably focus on second task on the to do list because it’s more important, it’s kind of an emergency, and so on.

  • Remind yourself success means progressing

In other words just like when you are not progressing, or stuck in this one place it means you are not growing, therefore when you are not progressing on your task or project it means you are not being successful to finishing it, or achieving it.

I don’t know if you are already aware of it, as human beings we need to grow, and when we are not growing, it means we are not progressing. And that is something to worry about because when we were children if our parents saw that we were not growing like other kids, years after years while other kids were growing, we were still breastfed, still wearing diapers, how many of you know that would have really worried them?

Another way to look at success is the ability to progressing from one step to another better step. In other words when there is no progress; it can also mean there is no success.

So discipline yourself enough to be able to tackle that unfinished task at least for half an hour each day, because when you add up those little efforts of half an hour a day, in a week it’s more than enough to improve your progress. Sooner or later you will complete the whole task or project.

  • Learn to say ‘no’ to destructions

If you want to finish what you started you cannot afford to have any destruction that may belittle your ambitions.

Some of these destructions can be really good, and blind you as well so that you fail to see they are there to discourage you or hinder you to finish what you started in the first place. An example will be you were doing this task, and for once you have found time to do it, and then your best friend comes and say, ‘let’s go shopping; my treat.’ And you look at your task, and you think of the offer, but then you ask, ‘can I take a rain check?’ Then your best friend says no, because she or he forgot that the gift cards you will be using to purchasing things are expiring that day, so it’s best you go to the store right away.

My point is that learn to say no to destructions. Some destructions are so obvious, but some destructions are hidden, therefore you have to be willing to be committed enough to your task to be able to say no, and if you rather say yes, then take a rain check, do it another time. This will help you get focused.

So those are my three tips. They are simple, but also powerful. And I think the main key to finish what you already started is to make some kind of effort. Maybe you have other ways and tips that you think can work well for you, but whatever tip you have or would like to use, you still need to be committed to the task or project in order to finish or complete it.

Published by Helen Majaga