Before Bedtime thoughts.


The same as gender.

The same as love.

The only difference is,

How it is being said.

Sex is only a word.

Yet it can strike someone down like lightning.

Sex is said to be paired with someone of the opposite sex.

That if that rule is not followed, that person is an outcast.

That sex can only be one way,

who are you to judge?

It might be just a word

But cuts deeper than a knife.

Lesbian, Gays, Bisexual and Transgender.

There are no difference than us; the straight.

People only see them through black and white eyes,

they ignore the color they bring.

Bright with joy, they each shine like the sun and moon.

They show love, pride and peace.

Yet like all brilliant lights, they eventually flicker and die.

They die

Because of what they believed to be right.

Because others didn’t agree.

Because others said no.

Because others called them freaks.

Because others said they were not allowed.

Suicide. Sadness. Emptiness.

It consumes their light and they lose the fight that they worked hard to achieve.

Because of what others see,

Through the black and white eyes.

We are not in a position to judge.

Published by Doreen Eshinali