Let's take a step back and look at where I started as an artist. From the very beginning I was looking at different objects such as boxes, vases, etc. and trying to recreate them. I observed their shadows, highlights, and reflections. This is what  I initially remember as the beginning to my drawings. After that I just kept practicing. I admired realistic drawings and they inspired me to be better than I was. 

In high school I still wanted to be able to recreate things exactly how I saw them. The "art" education that I received was minimal but much of what I knew was self taught through practice and observation. I had the talent to draw but I didn't know the technical parts of drawing. I was encouraged to continue my education and get a degree so I took that opportunity to continue to grow.

Orientation day at Texas State University was extremely nerve wracking for several reasons but one of my main concerns was what major I was going to choose. After talking (briefly) with a general advisor I was reassured about majoring in fine arts and I decided to concentrate that in painting. Since then I knew I made the right choice.



I explored different subject matter, ideas, and styles. My work began to wander into more moment or feeling based incorporated with nude figures. I found myself in a love-hate situation. I wanted to be making work that was realistic but I discovered a way of painting that I loved. I thought a lot about what  I wanted as an artist and through this I decided that because I had already established the skills for rendering, I should develop other skills. So I pursued this new way of painting. I discovered new colors, mark making, concepts to painting that I didn't have before. This also affected the way I viewed other art and artists.

Reflecting back on these things makes me excited to look forward as I continue my education and the work I will be creating in the future.



Published by Brie Henderson