Goes the famous OLD Clock! An indicator of how much time has passed from your day, a method to be organized, or even a fashion statement!

Your best friend today, a racing competition tomorrow.

The clock helps you be organized and set your priorities, but there are times when we become very dependent on our clocks that we lose track of ourselves. Notice that when you have the best time in your life you would say "We lost track of time!" or "the good times pass by so fast", and when you are lazy to finish the work you should be doing you might say "not enough time".

It is your attitude that matters, Cut the Pattern!

You are in control of your time, your clock! Make use of your day, look after yourself, Live, Laugh, and Love.  Have the right order in your life and you will make it. A clock is not meant to make you race, it is your reminder that you have other places to be, to accomplish and get the most out of your life.

Make time for family, friends, work, fun, sports, but the most important part of it all is YOU! Focus on You!

Make time for yourself, go for Yoga, Meditation, a drive around the block, read a book with a cup of coffee, listen to music, or GO TO THE SPA! Do what makes you happy (not at the expense of others).

Because change starts from you!

Published by Marwa Patz