Just recently, Tiger Woods responded to media rumors that the injured plagued superstar is nowhere near making a return to the PGA tour and that the 15-time major winner is barely able to do such basic things as drive a car and climb stairs.  Tiger Woods posted a video on Twitter in which he hits a nine iron golf shot on an indoor simulator.  Mr. Woods is no stranger to pain and has endured multiple injuries and subsequent surgeries, most famously in 2008 when he won the U.S. Open and to date the last of his major titles on what was basically a broken leg.

Last year some speculated that Woods may possibly be on the verge of retirement, which he himself has refuted as has his agent and others who know him well.  While his world ranking has dropped down to #445, Woods is still in the top three of players with the most victories since making his return from hiatus after his infamous car accident and scandal that ultimately led to the breakup of his marriage.  The golfer’s website has yet to post any schedule updates or anything addressing his health and recovery. 

When T-Woods will return is uncertain, some analysts have said that it may be late summer, if at all this year while others are guessing that the golfer will return by April when The Masters is played.  The twitter video obviously means that Tiger is intent on making his return in the near future, just how far along he is in his recovery no one really knows but Tiger and perhaps his physicians and close friends of his.  However what the video does mean is that Woods definitely is not retiring and also that the Golfer is not as unhealthy as some reports have indicated, as the Video was posted by the legend himself, the golfing world should expect Tiger Woods back on the tour in the not so distant future.

Published by Ville Iso-Ahola