Time is so precious and valuable, you can’t get it back, and it only goes forward. Everyday has 24 hours, but lets say each person got their good 8 hours of sleep, then that means you really only have 16 hours in a day, and that’s not a lot, not to mention so many people slave away so many hours of their day… and I realized that life is too short for that.

I learned that I should enjoy life and use the time I have for doing good things, to help people, to help this world, and above all, love God. This life should be enjoyed in a good manner and sometimes, you need to take care of responsibilities in order to do that. I found that whatever helps speed up the process of getting those responsibilities done, is awesome, because it then allows you to have more time available to do the things you love. I dare say, even resting sometimes is necessary and of great importance because it helps to put things in perspective.

Seeing how fragile time is and how precious it is and understanding all this is what I believe has helped me to manage my time wisely. I want to make every second count.

Are you managing your time wisely?

What are some things you believe or do that help manage your time wisely?
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Published by Brian Vasquez