The race is neither for the swift nor the strong, time and chance simply happens to everyone. No matter how strong, powerful, confident or invincible, they may feel, time happens. It's nothing to fear or worry about, it is the absolute truth.

Only the successful outlast tough times. Remember all those previous tough times you've gone through, having the necessary grades through elementary school, getting admission into/graduating from the University, giving birth to that child, taking care of sick/old relatives, getting a conducive place to stay for yourselves and loved ones, debts or bankruptcy, recall how you've gone through each process and came out stronger? It happens to everyone. For every shout of success and victory you hear, there was a time of labor and grit. Times that probably went unnoticed. Have you been going through your fair share of difficulty? It's understandable. We all have moments like that. The most amazing thing is that you're still here. Despite the difficult moments, you pulled through. Trust God. He has a plan. Trust yourself and don't allow tough times take control of your life.

There have been moments when I've said to myself "Now this is it. Going any further would be unbearable". I recalled a time I was traveling by water and the engine stopped suddenly in the middle of the sea. Many of us couldn't swim, and even if you can, how many miles can you go? We remained in the vessel tossing about in the small ferry while the driver and his assistant scrambled around trying to dismantle and assemble the engines looking for a quick fix to the problem. Ultimately, a quick fix wouldn't take us far so we had to wait. But did we have a choice? I looked around and found a man shaking, closing his eyes and praying, he apparently has never been in such situation before, and he couldn't swim.  Poor guy already peed on his seat. In this tense moment no one could laugh.

Then it occurred to me that to be joyful, to be happy, to laugh is a golden opportunity. There's something about tough moments, you will remember how ungrateful you have been for all the serene moments, the moments of joy, of peace, and of ecstasy. Maybe you start to thank God for those times. Maybe you learn to be less ungrateful. To give thanks for this gift of breath, of life. For this TIME, for courage, for hope, and for strength to go through these experiences. For each passing day. And for knowing Him in a world where many deny His existence. It doesn't matter how you choose to go about it. You can start right now to list a dozen things you're grateful for. Do you have a nice family, a man or woman who adores you, a good job or business, a smooth skin, good health, beautiful eyes, common keep counting. It could be anything. You can sing to the heavens all the beautiful aspects of your life. Or you can just shout it. Take a deep breath, exhale and say "LORD I'M GRATEFUL".

That's the time when you keep hope alive. When you can forget about everything that's wrong with your life and just be grateful for it. A time of courage, a time of strength.

Published by Elizabeth Olayide