Going back in time is an option that everyone seems to wish they have. Not me. Personally there’s nothing in my life that I would change. Not even the moments with heart breaks, sadness and misery. Not the moments where I felt alone and empty. In fact I am grateful for those moments. I’m grateful for all those hardships and negative experiences. I’m grateful for the worst moments of my life.

Grateful because those moments are the reason why I am so appreciative of what I have now. The moments where I felt so empty and insecure are the reasons why I now feel so full of life, happiness and appreciation for what I have and what I could have. They’re the reason why I am confident to tell you, that whatever it is that you’re going through, It’s going to be okay.

You feel alone? YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Millions of people are experiencing the same loneliness that you are feeling. The world today is full of materialism, pride and corruption. Be the one who will make a difference. Be there for those in need, offer a smile to that grumpy looking neighbour, share a picture of a nice view in Instagram for your friends who are in it. Small gestures are big and the outcome?How their happiness will affect you for what you did? It’s even bigger.

It’s easy to feel sadness, emptiness, misery and it may be hard to really see the goodness in life, BUT TRY. That ‘s all you can do. Try to see the good and share it with others.

Timetraveller – Never

There is no reason to feel empty, but there are millions of reason to feel happy. Remember where you came from, but never wish to go back.

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