In life, we always rely on memories to remember the good times that we have gotten to enjoy in the past. For instance, one of the most memorable occasions that take place annually is a birthday. People do come forth and celebrate such events with their loved ones. Other memorable casual occasions include Mother’s day and people tend to present gifts to their mother’s as a show of love and appreciation. At times, people lack ideas on the best gifts to present to their mothers, and in turn, end up buying last minute cards and a bouquet.

Other memorable events are such as a wedding, and the couples are always showered with gifts by numerous people. Even though you may be working with a minimal budget, the following gifts may always put a smile on a loved one’s face, yet they do not cost too much.

1. A Kate Spade Pendant Necklace

This necklace is also referred to as the New York One in a Million. The necklace is unique, and after getting it for your mum, she will feel she’s one in a million. The necklace is categorized as gifts under 100, and it is made of a 12K gold plated rolo chain that can be adjusted to fit anyone. Such a necklace will bring out some form of uniqueness especially after handing it over to your mother as a present. The fact that the rolo chain is adjustable ensures that the owner can layer many necklaces. Additionally, the necklace has one side labelled “one in a million” while the other side has a stamped initial.

2. A Framed Portrait

For the best variety of gifts that you can use to ensure that a casual occasion is memorable, you should visit stores such as Gifts-Under-100 to get more for less money. For instance, you may spice up the occasion by presenting your loved ones with a framed portrait. You may also try to become creative by turning the wedding invitation card into a gift by placing it into a shadow box if you are presenting a wedding gift. The internet can enlighten you on how to place the wedding card into a shadow box. Presenting such a gift to a newly wedded couple ensures that the memories of their wedding will stay intact. Additionally, you can present a well-crafted shadow box, and the recipient may insert any suitable photo or image they prefer.

3. A Barefoot Dreams Cozychic Robe

Many stores have gifts that cost less than $100, and therefore you don’t have a genuine excuse why you haven’t bought your mum that bathrobe during mother’s day celebrations. The barefoot dreams cozychic robe is manufactured using machine-washable microfiber, and it also has a double belt loop and a tie belt that ensures that everything is in place. The material used during the manufacturing process is polyester thus ensuring that the robe cannot shrink and it can be washed using a washing machine.

4. Go Minimal

You don’t have to always go for the big brands or giant gifting options. It does not require an occasion to make someone feel special, and this is the reason why minimalistic options, which are majorly the gifts under $100 are perfect. A book, a key ring, a bag charm or even a scarf can do the trick when the feelings are true. There are utilitarian choices like wallets, pouches, and bag straps as well.

5. Future Wine


Wine is one of the gifts that you can get your mother or a friend; nevertheless, it depends on the occasion. Since the sole aim is to ensure that the occasion has become memorable, you can visit the wine store where you can purchase a bottle of wine that can last for many years. If you are issuing a bottle of wine to a newly wedded couple, you can wrap the gift and insert a note that tells them to open the wine during their 5th wedding anniversary. Such a note serves as a reminder, and the couple will be happy to drink some wine from a friend during their anniversary, and that will serve as a memorable occasion.

6. Antiques

Antiques come in many varieties, and people do present such items as presents for their loved ones during specific casual occasions. You can visit one of the local markets in your state of residence and look for an antique that looks good and falls within your budget. When issuing an antique as a present, always counter check to ensure that the exterior and interiors are thoroughly clean. Both your mother and a newly-wedded couple may be happy to be accorded such a present during a casual occasion such as a wedding or mother’s day.

Many casual occasions take place annually, and you should always present a gift depending on the event. The context above gives you ideas about gifts that can be presented during occasions such as a wedding ceremony or a mother’s day party.

Published by Mohsin Ahsan