The ultimate reason why parents become so obsessed with entering their children in contests and the modelling industry is the amount of money that top child models can earn. We're talking about the top in the industry.


If you're just a part-timer or just looking for opportunities here and there then you might reconsider your reason. Child modelling don't earn a whole lot unless your child is famous or one of the top in the industry.


You're better off finding a photo contest to enter your kid.


Do you think that your child has what it takes to become of the best child models in the industry? These are some of the tips and traits that agents normally look for:


  • Confidence - Your child should have the ability to carry himself/herself well. Brands like to hire models that will represent what they are trying to sell well. If your child is shy and is not too comfortable being in front of the camera, this can affect your child’s chances of becoming part of child fashion models galaxy.


  • Headshot - Agents will immediately know if your child is worth checking out based on the headshot that you will send. The photo does not need to be shot by world-renowned photographers but they should be clear enough in order to showcase your child's features. Remember that through headshots, the company will know if the camera loves your child.


  • Portfolio - You should always bring your child's portfolio with you especially if you have grown an awesome portfolio over the last months that you have been attending go-sees and booking some jobs. The more impressive the portfolio is, the more in demand the child is going to be.


  • Ability to Follow Instructions - While modelling, your child would be required to follow certain instructions that would require him/her to do his/her work properly. If your child has no problem doing this, companies would love working with him/her and it will be easier to book jobs.


  • Your Child's Age - There are certain ages wherein children are more in demand. A lot of child models get their jobs at about 5 - 12 years old. Children who are 4 years old and below may have a harder time booking jobs. The child's size will also play a huge role in how often he/she would be booking jobs. Most companies are searching for children who are average in order to depict the “typical” child.


  • Personality - Even if this would not push through in pictures, the personality of the child will be helpful when doing shoots and do much more. Remember that it will always be hard for someone who is shy to try being comfortable with other people especially with other models that they may work with. You will know if your child is interested in modeling if your child loves fashion model games.


When you consider all of the details that are mentioned above, you can determine if modeling is the career choice that your child may do. Do you think that it will be wise to push your child towards this dream? Make sure that it is not only your dream but your child's dream too otherwise it is going to be problematic for you.


If you don't think you're up for the high-pressure environments then photo contests are a better option for you and your child.

Published by Kimberly Smith