I have probably re-started my Instagram theme at least 15 times already, I am one of those people who cant decided on what they like and always change it again and again. However I have found some things that help in keeping a nice theme going that I am going to share with you. First tip is a filter app called VSCO cam which is on the apple store but I am unsure if it is on android, this basically lets you put filter and alter contrast ect on the photos. VSCO cam helps because if you really like a filter you can add it on all your Instagram photos so it defines as a theme, also if you google VSCO themes there are plenty of different ideas on what themes you can choose.

Other Instagram have their profiles so it is all revolving around one thing, usually stores and marketing do this to show off there products. If your into your makeup you could make an Instagram around that, makeup is a very popular choice with Instagram, however you could choose cars or music. If you do a profile around makeup for example it doesn't just have to be makeup you could link in beauty products as well such as bath bombs or soap. I do suggest however that if you do a theme around a subject that you have some kind of passion towards it or strong interest because you don't want to be getting bored of it. 

Some people have different themes in their Instagram's which works as long as there is a clear difference between each theme. Sometimes its for a different season, like orange for autumn or white for winter which works really well on top of each other. In my opinion as long as the photos are even so it ends with three on the top of the theme then starts another it looks really good. You could also use just three pictures of white to separate themes as well.

They were my tips and tricks for Instagram themes, if you have any other suggestions please share in the comments!

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