Are you an escape room fan?

Is the thrill and adrenaline rush of solving baffling puzzles bummed out because you never seem to be able to complete it in the allotted time?

Well, let us help by guiding you on how you can win any and every escape room and locked room game in Calgary:

Go prepared:

Check out videos on how to solve and what to take care of, while solving escape room puzzles. You can refer to online videos on escape rooms. Going prepared beforehand will help you but do not go with an assumed narrative on the theme of the game as this might do more harm than good in your fun time.

Always carefully listen to the escape room guide instruction:

Before starting on with the escape room and locked room in Calgary,  a guide will tell you all that you need to know about the particular puzzles. Pay close attention to all the rules and observe their body language as it is a significant give away on the kind of mystery you are about to solve.

Thoroughly research the whole room before starting:

The minute you enter the room, don't go haphazardly looking for clues and solving them. Instead, have a good look at all the objects. Look for symbols, objects, and patterns on the walls, surfaces, cupboards, shelves, floor, and ceiling.

Strategize your clues:

Every clue and item that you gradually solve and find, keep a tab on them. Make sure you segment them simultaneously to avoid any confusion last minute; like separate clues that have been used.

Try to put yourself in the room’s creator mind:

Yes, you are running out time and shifting your perspective might not be the first thing to strike you. But thinking the way the creator of that particular escape room did while designing the room could help you with solving puzzles efficiently. One thing every player must not do is go with a defined set of gaming techniques with an assumed narrative. Always keep an open mind and reflect on all possibilities.

There is no need for considerable physical strength:

Almost all escape room need you to work on your reasoning, analytical and cognitive skills, not physical strength. Don't try to break or tore down the walls, closets. They are there for a reason. You need to work on it collectively to figure out the puzzles before the time is up. Yes, you can flip through the object, but there is no need to break them physically.

Don't forget to enjoy:

After all, it is just a game. Do not forget to enjoy with your friends and your loved ones. A healthy competitive spirit will help you enjoy the time to fullest.

Now that you have these tips and tricks up your sleeve, why not give a new locked room in Calgary a try? Escape rooms can never disappoint the Sherlock Holmes in you, and with these tips and trick, victory shall be yours, always! You can trust upon them on organizing an eventful celebration be it for your teen children, friends, colleagues with the most challenging escape room mysteries that will knock your socks off.

For birthdays, corporate event, rush to your nearest escape room , today!


Published by Evie Mills