Hi there! I hope you are up for some yummy goodness today because I would be sharing with you my favourite tips while making a smoothie bowl! A smoothie bowl is basically a mixture of fruits, whizz together with liquids and your choice of flavour! What I love about these bowls are it's diversity and colour. You could mix any fruits you like in this bowl and still be able to produce lovely colours in it. Food is all about the celebration of flavours, colour and creativity. These bowls would teach you a thing or two about creativity, colours and taste. Okay, enough with the talking, let's get started! 

Tip 1. Freeze your fruits before blending it. This would give you a refreshing bowl and also, it would trick you into thinking you are having ice-cream. In this case, a very healthy ice-cream. Fruits such as banana, berries and mango are brilliant for freezing. Frozen banana would give a creamy texture and you would honestly think you are having ice-cream. Berries give an amazing hue of colours, be it strawberry, blueberry or raspberry. Mangoes are just great fruits. It reminds me of summer! 

Tip 2. DO NOT ADD SUGAR OR SUGAR SYRUP! As smoothie bowls are to promote a healthier eating habit, adding sugar to your blend does not make it any healthier. If you encounter sour fruits, like kiwi, strawberries or mangoes, add a tablespoon of honey or add another fruit to mask the sourness, such as bananas and avocadoes. Adding peanut butter might help lessen the tartness as well, and it also gives nuttiness to the bowl and a boost of energy. 

Tip 3. Slice/Prepare all your toppings before blending. This would ensure that your bowl stays cold and would remain its shape while you add your toppings. Once your bowl starts to sit and melts, it might be difficult for you to place your toppings on top as it would get suck into the bowl. Toppings such as granola, chia seeds and sliced strawberries give wonderful textures to the bowl and a beautiful burst of colours. 

Tip 4. 2 Part fruits to 1 part liquid. If you like a thick mouthful of smoothie, double your amount of fruits and half your liquids. That would enable you to scoop up the toppings and the blend of fruits. However if you like a more runny mixture, feel free to change the ratio.


Tip 5. Experiment! My favourite blend of fruits are frozen bananas and papaya. I tried so many blends of fruits to get to my favourite. So I urge you to experiment with all types of fruits, as my favourite might not be your favourite. Do not be afraid to try. Go with funky fruits such as avocado with papaya or pineapple with spinach, think out of the box and create something special. That's what so special about about smoothie bowls. It can be uniquely yours. You do not need a specific recipe to create a smoothie bowl. You just need an imaginative mind. 

Smoothie bowls are my way to express my fun and funky sides. It is also a great way to get your vitamins and fibre! I enjoy my time while creating different bowls every time. Thats the thing with smoothie bowls, they are different every time, no duplicate. Therefore I hope my tips would help you in creating your own special smoothie bowl. 

Thank you for reading and till next time, See you! 

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