The most significant printing collateral in any business is without any doubt the letterhead. It provides the business a professional image, as well as contact and a sense of realism. Although it may not seem like it, a letterhead can have a very good effect on your business. If you’re the owner of a small independent business, then you should really consider having a letterhead of your own. There is no better way to grab the attention of people than with an interesting design. Creating a professional face for your stationaries isn’t as simple as you may think it is. The design says everything about your enterprise, so you have to be careful. To avoid making mistakes, use the following tips.


Keep things simple

When it comes to designing business letterheads, it’s recommendable to keep things simple. A complicated stationary does make a memorable impression, but it’s not a positive one. The design shouldn’t give the impression of being too fancy. Kiasu Print Pte Ltd says that it’s better to opt for the simple approach. Make sure that you keep things very simple and streamlined. The last thing you should do is to create confusion or send the wrong message. Attention needs to be paid to the fact that letterheads that seem simple aren’t easy to design. Au contraire, it can be quite tricky to do so. Have a clear idea of what information you want to include. Certain pieces of information are necessary to include, such as name, location, registration number, and registered address. You can leave out things that aren’t relevant.

Add your logo to the business letterhead

Out of all the things, your logo should stand out. The logo personalizes the official document, inspiring confidence, recognition, and admiration for your small business. it’s important that the logo isn’t hidden from the view and that it can be spotted without difficulty. The company logo must be repeated on all the printing collateral. Here’s a tip for you: place the logo a little bit smaller than you would normally do. If it’s necessary to increase the size, then so be it. Having a professionally-designed letterhead is just as important as using a common seal to execute documents. That is something to remember.  

Think about including a stylish edge

You’ve established the basic things, meaning that you have the liberty of doing what you think is right. You can include a stylish edge, if you wish. The edge is very similar to a frame in the sense that it places emphasis on the text and draws attention to the overall message. Including a single column on the left side of the business letterhead enables you to take advantage of the space available on the page. If it’s possible, you should stick to plain colours. It’s understandable that you want to create visual interest, but that doesn’t mean that you should exaggerate. Talk to a printing company and get advice on how you can play with the visuals. Include the important details on the tined column. 

Published by Cynthia Madison