Many parents are keen to move the youngster up to another stage carseat when these are ‘big’ enough, not realising that it's a large step down in child carseat safety!

The kids in the pictures all fit in another stage carseat, nonetheless they are much safer staying in the low stage carseat.  The first child is safer being back facing instead of frontward facing and the second, more mature child is safer in a harnessed carseat a booster with the adult seat belt.

Majorly, three types of child car seats can be purchased in the market, namely infant child car seats, convertible child car seats, and booster seats. Since highway safety is the key reason that you are purchasing a car seat, you must choose one that suits your baby’s era, weight, level and the sort of car you drive. Visit:

Infant child car seats: As the name suggests, these suit infants primarily during the first calendar year of life. They can be easy to carry and install, and face the trunk of the car. However, leading facing infant carriers are easier available and are preferred as well. These are usually considered safe till your child weighs 13 kgs.
Convertible child car seats: They are bigger and bulkier than infant child car seats and can be utilized in both directions - rear and leading of the automobile. Though expensive and bulkier, they can allow for your child till about she actually is 18 kgs
Booster child car seats: Boosters use the car’s seat belts and are created for children get older 4 and more mature. These ensure that the car seat belts that are in fact designed for parents can be snug and fit for kids

Why CHOOSE Car Seat?
In lots of developed western countries, a healthcare facility will discharge the mother and new born only if the parents’ car is fitted with an infant car seat. Further, the parents are legally obliged to continue using baby carseat before child transforms 3 (and can use regular child car seats). Many parents believe that they have to carry and cuddle their newborns when travelling and not holiday resort to baby seats which, relating to them, lacks “warmness”. This is a wrong attitude. Safety should precede such presumptions. Some parents also think that second-hand or used car seats will also help their purpose. This is again incorrect, car or truck seats might not be safe ever again or may well not be relating to your child’s needs. 

10 Ideas to Buy a child Car Seat
On that note, here are 10 questions you might have and answers on their behalf:

The type of baby carseat do I need?: As described above, you can decide on which carseat you intend to buy- backside facing ones or convertible car seats. Rear-facing seats are usually used for newborns, so that as the name advises the baby in this seat will be facing the trunk of the automobile. The good thing about rear facing car seat is the fact that it could be used and out of the car, so that it is simpler to move a sleeping baby. The disadvantage is the fact that your child will outgrow it before he/she turns one. Convertible seats can be utilized as back facing seats primarily when baby is an infant and then, as the name advises, can be changed into a normal child seat that faces front. The benefit is pretty visible - you may use the same seat from infancy to toddler-hood hence saving money. The disadvantage is the fact it can't be taken in and out of a car such as a rear-facing seat
Is price my major criteria?: Some brands like Chicco sell “combo” travel system that is primarily a pram, but can be converted into a stroller and a car seat. Such products feature a carrycot as well, which means you can make use of it for your son or daughter from infancy

MUST we buy a fresh one or settle for a hand-me-down?: Although it is very inexpensive to buy a car seat in the next hand market, or simply reuse the one which your more aged nieces/nephews used, it is not a good or safe idea. For just one, we cannot be certain if the products are “as effective as” new and would work throughout a collision. Second, you will possibly not get the original box or teaching booklet, meaning you do not have any advice for repairing it in the automobile. And finally, safety technology advances a lot every year that it is always better to go for a newer product that something that is years old. Bear in mind you are buying child seat to boost your child’s safety. Why don't we not compromise on that

What kind of safety harnesses should seat contain?: Buy a product that has at least 5 harnesses - 2 band, three waist harnesses. This should ensure baby cannot be jerked out of the seat in case of an impact.
What kind of side protection does the seat offer?: See how well cushioned the sides of the seats are where in fact the baby’s brain might strike. Search for air pads / extra foam in this field

Is the premium-priced seat worthwhile?: What exactly are the add-on features available? Remember that several of the automobile seat brands available in India are imported and therefore you could conclude paying a premium for no extra gain. Search for additional features just like a much larger canopy, better quality and softer fabric and anti-rebound bars (that restricts the seat’s activity throughout a crash) if you are paying extra

Can this child seat be fitted well in my car?: Again, as stated above, many child car seats available in Indian marketplaces are imported and therefore not suitable for Indian autos. Read the fitted instructions in the package or allow shop executive clarify it to you so as to decide if it'll be a fit for your car and requirements
Do we need extra seat bases?: If you are buying an infant seat rather than a convertible one, then your seat will come with a plastic material base that you've to install in your vehicle. The specific seat can be buckled into this base when travelling, or snapped from it when escaping .. When you have multiple autos, select a infant seat brand that provides extra seat bases so that you can install it in the second car
How easy could it be to clean the child seat?: If the kid seat cover will not come off, then cleaning becomes a headache.

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