1. Tactical clothes: it is the first and basic point that you have to take into account before starting your work or excursion. The tactical clothes that you choose should be comfortable and flexible, but it is much better if it is also waterproof. For example, the combination of tactical pants 5.11, and its multiple pockets, with Tactical Boots 5.11 Atac, which avoid all kinds of slides, are a perfect pair for walking outdoors. Also, remember that although in the summer season temperatures are warm, that can change at night, so it never hurts to wear a tactical jacket like the Shoke tactical jacket, tactical vests with a hood that is totally waterproof.

2. Tactical backpack: another essential that will allow you to carry all the equipment and other tactical products for outdoor that we recommend in the article. In a good tactical backpack for outdoor, you should look for two essential points: that it is comfortable to carry when spreading the weight around the back and that also allows you a large storage capacity. Among all the possibilities we recommend you to discover the Mil-Tec US Assault Laser Cut 36 ltrs black backpack that is characterized by having a large storage space divided into many compartments and also has a waterproof pocket. In addition, you can add a hermetic bag kit to your tactical backpack if there is a possibility of rain or you are in coastal areas.

3. Knife or tactical knife: this is probably one of the most necessary outdoor tactical products once you start your excursion. And it is that this accessory that you must include in your tactical backpack can avoid many problems without hardly occupying storage space. From Shoke Store we recommend that you opt for the SHOKE Combat tactical knife, which as we explained in this article has a lot of extras in its small size. Also, you can also include a pair of pliers like this from Leatherman where you will find a lot of useful tools. 

4. Compass: although the use of the GPS of the mobile is basic in our day to day, we must bear in mind that this does not work so well in forest areas, in addition to that we depend on its battery in case of needing it. Therefore, it is essential that among all the outdoor tactical products that you take with you on your excursions, include a compass like the complete Dingo outdoor compass, which also has an SOS mirror in case you have any problems.

5. Lighter: As with knives or tactical knives, this small but useful accessory is very likely to be needed in your outdoor missions. We recommend that you opt for the flint lighter of Mil-Tec because its small size does not prevent it from being 100% practical by including the spark generator, the scraper and the cable in the same tool.

6. Water purification tablets: in the exterior, running out of resources is very easy, so you should have other options that allow you to avoid problems. That is why in your tactical backpack you should never miss some water purification tablets: practical and very useful in case of problems.

As you can see, they are small accessories that make a mission or an outdoor excursion, much safer. At Shoke Store we have a wide variety of outdoor products, which are specially designed for this kind of situations. Discover them!

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Published by Reed Cooper