If you want your living room to feel cosy and warm, in addition to choosing furniture correctly and taking care of colours, it is essential that you pay close attention to lighting. Therefore, today I will share with you some tips to choose the lamp for your living room.

The living room is the area of the house where we spend most of the time, so it must be cosy, flexible and comfortable. One of the main mistakes that are made in lighting is to direct the light towards the floor instead of towards the walls, but the tendency has been changing and what is being sought now is to illuminate the wall that is what is seen.

Lighting the vertical plane can be as simple as orienting the ceiling lamps towards the walls or with decorative lamps that emit light in 360 degrees or with a spherical one. Everything that fills the walls with light, and does not forget the roof.

The lighting of the room will not only depend on the size of the room, but also on the functionality it has for you, it is not the same to light a room where you only watch television that illuminates one in which you have a reading corner. Also, the lamps have two functions: lighting and decoration.

Type of lighting
The ceiling lamp in the living room will be the main light because with it you should light up the whole atmosphere. Therefore, if your room is too large, put more than one ceiling lamp and choose lamps that have many arms and lights, because with them you can distribute the brightness and decorate the home.  

If you have a small space, choose a lamp that directs the light to a certain area. If you opt for a round lamp, the beam of light will be more direct, while with a triangular lamp, the light will expand to the sides. On the other hand, if the walls are painted a dark colour, you will need more points of light.

Size of the lamp
In decoration, it is essential to maintain balance and proportions unless you are looking for a dramatic effect. To obtain the correct diameter of the lamp, there is a mathematical formula that you can easily do: add the length and width of the room and multiply it by 3, and multiply the result by 2.5. For example, if your room is 6 meters long and 4 meters wide, the math would be like this:
6 + 4 = 10
10 * 3 = 30
30 * 2.5 = 75
This means that your lamp will have to measure 75 centimetres.

How to get the right lighting
Although the ceiling lamp is indispensable, you should have more lights in the room always depending on its size and how you want to divide it. You can use lowes floor lamps and table lamps, and if there are special objects that you want to highlight as frames or decorative pieces, use the spotlight.

Also, if the lamps have dimmer, we can create a more welcoming, warm and intimate atmosphere when we want it. It is convenient that the lamps are of the warm light. If we combine the ceiling light with wall lights, it will allow us to create a cosy atmosphere that embraces us while we are there. According to the use and time of the day, we can choose different ignitions to create the desired scene.

I hope that these tips to choose the living room lamp have been useful.

Published by Mudassar Ali