Realize that home is important.

                First college, then interning in Ireland last summer, and now being in Colorado for the summer: these experiences have taught me that I need a home. I believe this is perhaps a human phenomenon. If I go too long without having someplace nearby which feels like home, I feel lost. I want to mention that there is absolutely nothing wrong with feeling lost, but that is because it leads to experiences which help you find yourself.

                Having a place which feels like your own brings a certain sense of peace. It’s especially useful when you’re traveling alone and need the comfort of familiar faces, or a table which bears the memories of hours spent reading with a mug of coffee. This can help you feel centered and balanced, a deeply important aspect of traveling and one which is hard to maintain when you are out of your comfort zone.

Make a list of what makes you comfortable.

                Know what keys into your sense of feeling at home. Do you like to read? Do you like to find places to sip warm drinks and people watch? Perhaps you prefer a bar, where you can spend hours among the sounds of conversation and local music. Maybe you prefer to seek out a volunteer opportunity like an animal shelter. Jogging? Yoga? Try new things. Keep a list of what makes you happy and move on from there.


                This is the most important way to find a home: act upon what you know about yourself. Try things, and don’t be afraid to change your lifestyle based on what you find. Do things that make you happy. When you feel lonely, like you’re missing a home, then go to one of your home-places or be with a home-person you’ve found. It will change everything.


Published by Sarajane Renfroe