No one can deny this fact that their eyesight is getting damaged because of extra exposure to the radiations.

Getting an eyesight prescription for prescription glasses is an easy job. You only need to go to the opticians, and they will tell you what str of glasses you will need.

Here, people are likely to do this common mistake of not asking some questions or getting some details from the opticians.

In this article we will discuss what tips must be followed when you are going for a checkup. The reason I am writing this article is the recent issue which my father faced. Two weeks ago, he came and asked me if the glasses have an expiry date.

Most people avoid using eyeglasses as they think that it will upset their look. I believe that in such cases they must opt for lenses, which can save them from getting into any sort of trouble.

1.Know the expiry

Here by expiry I mean the regular checkup of your eyesight. In younger people, their eyesight is likely to change after every year, so they tend to visit the optician after every three months. He will observe the progress, many people are living by this myth that their eyesight will not get worsen.

Similarly, for adults the eyesight will change after every two-three years. Wearing those glasses which are no more suitable for your eyes can cause severe damage to your eyes.

2.Know the terms

You must know your prescriptions terms, you will see those prescriptions as OD, OS, SP. All thee abbreviations have different meaning for instance.

OD means Oculus Dexter, OS as Oculus sinister, without knowing these prescription’s term you will not be able to tell the glass maker, what sort of glasses you need.

3.Do not be extra smart

Many people will think that once they have got an eyeglasses prescription, they can use the same thing for the lenses as well.

You must keep this in mind that for lenses there will be a different prescription, and for glasses you ought to get a separate one.

4.Get the accessories

When you are getting your eyeglasses, whether it is from the optician or from the pharmacy, make sure that they are providing you all the necessary accessories.

The most important one is the cloth and the clean solution. You cannot clean your eyeglasses with any soap instead of that you will need a exclusive solution which can be of white, blue or green color.

5.Pupil differences

If you are planning to buy more frames after getting the prescription, then you ought to know the pupil difference, this difference is usually written in millimeters, but most of the times the doctors will not tell you this, this is mainly because of the apprehension of losing customers.

You must ask them to mention that otherwise you will not be able to buy some good glasses online. Normally the pupil difference is 75mm or below, your optician will have noted that otherwise he can not prescribe any glasses. 

6.Select the right frame

Once you have been diagnosed with eyesight weakness, you need to make sure that the glasses you have bought are according to your face structure, otherwise you maty feel low about it.

For instance, if you have got a round face then square glasses may look good on you, broader jawlines and face will need some round glasses. The color and size of the frames play a significant role in defining your look.

Published by Shahbaz Ahmed