let's see some tips for hiking, especially hiking, shooting by the bench and other tactical tips for beginners

Hiking tips for beginners. Enjoy safely and effectively

1.- One of the first hiking tips for beginners is that we plan the activity and materials with enough time, usually the day before, calmly and without haste. In our first excursions, it is convenient that the material we have it in a list prepared previously so that we can check that we have everything and we can prepare the backpack calmly, placing everything in its place so that the backpack fits perfectly to our body. In a backpack you should never miss:

  • Drink
  • Food
  • Dry underwear
  • An empty plastic bag
  • Warm and waterproof clothing
  • Dry towel
  • First aid kit
  • Sunscreen
  • American Tape Roll
  • Best Glock Sights
  • Multipurpose tool with edge/flashlight and batteries / charged lighter
  • Sunglasses, cap with visor and gloves
  • Communication equipment (preferably mobile phone with battery and spare battery)
  • GPS (only if you know how to use it correctly) (compass and map if you know how to interpret)
  • Footwear for after the activity
  • Paper and pen

2.- Among the hiking tips for fundamental beginners stands out the knowledge that we are going to do exactly, a correct planning of the route, the new technologies and especially the internet makes this task much easier since we have great documentation. In general, we will try to adapt the physical requirement of the activity to the level of the participants and being conservative, always a little less than the general level of the group

3.- Communicate previously to someone where you will be and see communicated. In general, new technologies help us a lot in this, since several mobile apps have geolocation systems that allow you to send the location in a very simple way, without having very specific knowledge. Beware of the professional mountain pgs, they are a great help if you know how to use them if they can not become a big problem in the mountains. In general, as a tip for hiking for beginners, we will follow marked trails and of which we have sufficient documentation.

4.- Another of the hiking tips for beginners is to try to be accustomed to walking, if we only walk during our hiking activity we may not enjoy the activity because if there are slopes or the activity lengthens a bit the physical background makes us suffer and even look for bigger problems, during the week we will try, at least, to go out walking at a fast pace or running or swimming 2 or 3 days. The day before the activity we should rest and sleep correctly

5.- One of the hiking tips for beginners is the use of canes, at first if you are not used to it, it can happen that the walking with a cane is annoying, this is due to the lack of knowledge of the cane technique and a bad choice of cane dimensions. Choose and learn correctly about the use of canes to make your first hiking trips, the cane is a very important element since it is an aid to propulsion or control in the descent and helps us to prevent knee injuries, so common to the beginning.

6.- We adopt the rhythm of progression, the speed, at the physical level that we have and always in a progressive way. This is one of the hiking tips for beginners VITAL, since the rhythm is going to mark the physical demand that we have, and at the beginning it is probable that we still do not know how to lose our rhythm but we must make an effort to adapt it correctly, in general, we will walk at a pace that does not shake our hearts and breathing excessively, avoiding great sweating.

7.- Other hiking tips for beginners are never to go alone to the mountain and stay connected with the rest of the group, we will walk with our companions and as a general rule we will take that no one should lose sight of who walks ahead in no time. It is advisable that if we go a large group of people the first and last of the group are communicated by a radio system (Walkie Talkie)

Published by Reed Cooper