Nowadays, many people want to use personalized bobbleheads for their wedding day. One of the uses of custom figurines for the wedding is as the cake toppers. So, when you plan to use the bobbleheads for your wedding event, you will usually have some of them placed on your wedding cake. Also, on top of it, a special bobblehead figure will be placed, which is usually different from the rest of the toppers.

Bobbleheads can be an important part of your wedding decorations. When it comes to creating good custom bobblehead cake toppers, you will need to plan it properly beforehand. Here are some tips for making great custom bobblehead cake toppers:

1. Use Different Styles For The Toppers

Many people will tend to have a lack of creativity when it comes to the wedding cake toppers. They will just order custom bobbleheads in bulk, with the same style and expression, and place them around the cake. While this is good, it would be even better to put personalized bobbleheads with different styles for your cake toppers.

For instance, you might want to use some bobbleheads for the toppers. If so, you should design each bobblehead to have different gestures, expressions, outfit, and so on. In this way, there will be variety in the custom figurines that you display on the wedding cake, which make it even more unique.

2. It Is Good To Include Certain Objects Or Animals

You don’t need to just create custom bobbleheads that feature only the couple. You can feature other objects or animals on the stand as well. This will further decorate the wedding cake and make it more appealing. You can add your beloved pets to the custom bobbleheads. You can also add some signs, objects, vehicles, and so on.

Be as creative as possible when it comes to creating the wedding cake toppers. Instead of just using the regular pose of the couple standing together, why don’t you create a bobblehead with the couple riding a motorcycle together? Or, you can have other unique poses for the custom figurines.

3. Tell A Story With Your Cake Toppers

Another good idea when it comes to creating the best custom bobblehead cake toppers is that you can tell a story with it. You can tell a story of your love together using the bobblehead dolls. No matter how many dolls that you plan to display on your wedding cake, you should make each one unique with its own story.

For instance, you can capture the moments when you first met, your first date, your first vacation, and so on until the moment of marriage. In this way, people who come to your wedding will know a bit about your love story. It can impress them greatly.


Creating a great custom bobblehead cake toppers need to be done with considerable planning beforehand. Without good planning, your custom figurines will look bland and won’t have any style. It will just become a decoration that doesn’t add any value to the wedding.

But, when you make it unique, it will add even more value to the wedding decorations, as well as to the overall wedding event itself.

Published by Mary Fontenot