Beyonce, Madonna, Ed Sheeran are all marquee clients for celebrity managers. However, it is a tedious job that requires a certain set of skills and proficiency in key areas of management. The lifestyle of celebrities is studded with glamour and unrelenting stress and it can be extremely difficult to maintain a life and keep up with the pace of work.

Managing a celebrity is still a thriving option which many people want to take up as a career. One of the renowned names in this sector remains Michael Blakey, the drummer, record producer and President of Electra Star Group. Michael, in his career, has managed a considerable number of celebrities and has top-notch names in his portfolio.

It’s indeed not an easy career path to juggle especially when your schedule is totally transformed and there’s little room for rest. Celebrities have an occupied life and if you are managing them, you are basically keeping up with the pace and the work pressure. In relation to this, here are some tips straight from the experts:

  • Be in a straight line – It’s easy to set assumptions or align unrealistic expectations with your clients. No matter how strong their reputation is in the industry, they would be very demanding. It is advisable to steer clear of false hopes or misinformation when you deal with them. Most celebrities are professionals who are trained to work with their egos, so it will not backfire if you burden them with the truth.
  • Celebrities are not your friends – Traveling and basically accompanying them in their projects becomes your lifestyle, but a professional should always be on the look for maintaining boundaries. The Secret Service never indulges into the matters of the President, and it works the same way with your celebrity client. Take them as a client; direct your approach, communication, and participation around those parameters. They would more than appreciate your professional accountability.
  • You must not aim for the spotlight – In the fancy world of glamour and paparazzi, it is difficult to keep distractions at an arm’s length. A good manager works well for the reputation and popularity of their clients, and no matter how high profile their portfolio may be, they would always remain a step back and let the real person take the stage. First, it is unethical and second, it has no purpose to you because this kind of behavior is considered distasteful among the celebrity fraternity. Win your client; not your ego.
  • Gossip is not okay – Where there is a celebrity, there is drama. Even if you are managing The Kardashians, it is certainly advisable that you draw a line between a professional behavior and gossip. Gossip gives a wrong impression and can lead you to lose the trust of your client. If you are seen indulged in spreading gossips among other peers, it would only taint your own reputation. Celebrities are looking for accomplished, dedicated and professional individuals who know when to keep their mouths shut.

It is also widely believed that managing a celebrity can become increasingly difficult especially when managers have to put up with rude behavior. Most celebrities are not like that and would aim to treat you with equal respect

Published by Julia Morison