For The New Brides

I started planning my wedding in January of 2016, and had my wedding on April 24th, 2016! With that being said, I planned my wedding in three months! Yes! I planned my wedding in three months!!! It is possible!!! It is quite a stressful thing, but with good friends and family, you’ll get it done! Here are just some tips to help you along the way as you plan your special day!

1.Have Fun!

You only get to plan your wedding once! Don’t stress too much over it. Yes I was a big stressor, I stressed over most things that didn’t need to be stressed over, but I can honestly say that once the wedding is over, you WILL miss it! So have fun while it lasts!

2. Don’t expect too much from your fiancé

I cannot stress this enough! Women tend to like all the planning, decor, and pretty little things like that. Don’t expect your fiancé to like the same things. Honestly, they could care less if the icing was a light shade of white or a light shade of pink:). You have to be patient with them. I mean, have them be a part of the planning process, but just don’t expect too much from them. If you can get through this together, you are set for life! LBVS!! 😂

I must admit though, my husband did A LOT of things for our wedding. He worked so hard on editing and creating our invitation, as well as managing and creating our rsvp page. He also picked out the songs and mashed them together. He was very prominent on the actual wedding day, and made sure everything was in the right spot! He was like literally taking on the role of a wedding coordinator. LOL!!

3. You ARE the bride


Yes! You gotta remember that YOU are the bride! The only person that should make the final decisions are you and your fiancé! Don’t be afraid to say no to ideas, colors, things that you don’t want at your wedding. Yes, consider ideas, but don’t let it steer you into something you didn’t want in the first place. At the end of each decision, ask yourself if this is REALLY what you wanted.

4. Email Venues

Don’t hesitate to email/call venues about pricings and tours. I emailed multiple of places for prices and policies. They got back to me in nearly 1-3 days. Sometimes in just a couple of hours. Don’t underestimate websites that don’t post up their prices. I used to think that the reason why they don’t post up the price is because they are crazy expensive, but the venue I found for my wedding was under $2500 and fitted 400+ people! It was a gorgeous ballroom with draperies already set up!_DSC1162

Looking for venues was one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life! There will be a time where you will feel like giving up!  I had to take at least a week off of venue shopping because I was not able to find anything. There is going to be a point where you will feel like you have probably looked at every location, every square footage, every event center, and every place that has anything to offer, but DONT give up!!! You will come across a place where it meets most of your needs! Yes, MOST. You will never find a venue that fits EVERYTHING that you want (unless you’re rich, lucky and can fly).

5. Facebook Business

Resort to Facebook if you want to hire any bakers, photographers, make up artists, decorators, etc. They are the best and affordable way to go. I found my photographer and baker on Facebook. My cake only ended up being $350, and photographer only charged me less than $100!


Just make sure they are local. Look at their work before choosing them, if they don’t have their work up, message them to show you their work!

6. Kiss TWICE!

For photography purposes, make sure you kiss your partner twice when the pastor announces, “You may kiss the bride”. Either Kiss twice, or prolong your kiss for the perfect picture!


7. Don’t be too cheap

Here are some of things that you do not want to be too cheap on:

Food: YOLO! Your guests are NOT suppose to be COMPLETELY full, but try to go for the fancier option

Videographer: This is something I wished I should have had at my wedding. Once the wedding is done, its done! It would be great to have videos of the night to look back to. A Videographer is a MUST!! 

Photographers: Have more than one photographer. Its so easy for one photographer to miss all the special seconds! They could have missed the “kiss”!

Decorations: Since our place was very affordable, we decided to go over board with the decorations! Our moto was YOHOW (You Only Have One Wedding). We spent quite a lot of money on our decorations, but we LOVED every part of it! We loved the cute backdrop, the lit aisle, the center pieces, the fairy lights, and etc.

If your Venue is already beautiful on its own, I would say skip this tip.


Hair/Makeup: You want to look your BEST! Hire only those who knows what they are doing! I was lucky enough to have one of my co-worker do my hair! LOOOOVED the way it came out.


8. Vista-Print!

USE vista-print!!! They are the best! That was where we made our invitations and posters!!! Great quality and timely manner! Took only 4-7 days to get to us! You can create your own designs and customize almost anything. I don’t think I spent more than $200 on that website. We created 250 cards/envelopes, 250 stickers, and 2 posters. It makes a huge difference when things are customized. (I’m not sponsored -_-)

9. Amazon Prime! (Not Sponsored -_-)

I cannot tell you how many time Amazon prime saved our butts!! It saved us a whole lot of money as well. You can find way cheaper things online than in stores! PLUS++++++ you only have to wait 2 days for your things to arrive! This definitely helped our last minute things! We literally bought our projector THREE days before the wedding!!!!! And it arrived on time!

10. Having a Wedding Coordinator/Coordinators


While you are getting ready, doing your hair, putting on make up, practicing your vows on the big day, the last thing you need to worry about is decorating your own place, figuring out where everything is suppose to be or how things are suppose to go, who you’re suppose to trust, and etc. You need a wedding coordinator! Someone who has the same taste as you, someone you trust. They don’t always have to be a “Wedding Coordinator”. They can be a really good friend, a mom, sister, brother, etc. As long as they have leadership skills, have the best intention for you, and care about you, then they are good!

The wedding coordinator should know how you want your wedding to be, where things should go. They should be with you every part of the way. Having someone who you can lean on during the day is key! While you’re standing on stage, you have NO control of what is happening. You need someone who knows your plan, and knows what do if things don’t go as planned.

11. Pinterest


I cannot tell you how much Pinterest was involved in our wedding. Everything at our wedding was inspired by Pinterest! If you don’t know what Pinterest is, and you are planning a wedding, you better be ALLOVER that site by the end of this blog!

12. Family Comes First!


Inviting all of my friends and co-workers was something that I really, REALLY wanted to do! But after having realized that I am a Hmong person with 3000 family members, that was not possible, unless you have an extra 50,000 saved away. No matter how much you want to invite friends, you have to remember that your wedding is a celebration mainly for your family. Your parents will want to invite all of your family members to come celebrate this special day with them. Although, I did invite a couple of friends and co-workers, I really limited them down.

You don’t need to worry about what they will think of you. If they were really true friends, they would understand your situation. Their day will come, and they will realize how hard the situation really is.

13. Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff


This was probably one of the best advice I had gotten from my co-worker! Everything will not go your way on the day of! Don’t let it effect your day. Let it slide. On the day of my wedding, the only people I had to help decorate the facility was my bridal party. We literally took the whole day to decorate, and had about an hour to get ready. With that in mind, I knew everything wasn’t going to go as planned, I trusted them to handle it, even when it didn’t go as planned, or my bridesmaid were missing for rehearsal, or my parents didn’t show up for rehearsal, …..NOT to mention, my groomsmen even stepped on the cake topper and BROKE it!! LOL!!!! I let it slide. (Don’t worry, they glued it back together, and nobody even noticed). What really matters is that at the end of the day, people understood your love story and why the two of you fell in love.


Published by Mai Vue Xiong