Do you wonder why you should care about social media engagement? As a brand, investing social media time wisely is key to getting better engagement, reaching more potential customers and transforming them into returning customers. To spend social media time efficiently, you need to be aware which platform is the best for customer engagement.

Let’s just face it, Instagram far outshines the other platforms in the social media scene, and its popularity is only second to Facebook and by extension, YouTube. This popularity continues to be on the rise, and hence, you would be wise to tap into this market and take advantage of the various ways in which marketing and engaging users on Instagram is good for your business.

Why Instagram
•    Better Connection to the Target Market
Instagram is appealing to users between the age of 18 to 29 years, and this market is not only ready to spend money but also embraces new product as long as the engagement from the business is convincing enough.

•    More Engaging Content
Gone are the days when you would have to pen a long narrative to describe your products and services. With Instagram, the visual display is much more effective than the content on Twitter and Facebook and not only does it resonate more with users but also, it helps you build your brand through the more effective use of pictures and videos t display your services and products.

•    Users are Active
Instagram’s users tend to be more active than other social media users, and they are more likely to share, like or comment on a picture or video posted on the platform. This level of engagement by active users will help improve your brand’s visibility and convert customer engagement to new and returning customers.

How to Leverage Instagram for Customer Engagement
•    Increase the Number of Followers
The key to getting more views for your content is to build a huge following that is composed of your ideal target audience. How do you do that? Maximizing customers can take quite a long time to actualize. The number of followers affects social media engagement and hence, the more followers you have, the higher the engagement. One way to gain more engagement is to buy Instagram follower. This will boost your brand’s visibility without having to wait for a long time.

•    Engage the Followers
Once you buy Instagram followers, you need to nurture and engage them by responding to queries and comments, posting regularly and projecting a good authentic image. Engaging your followers could also involve utilizing Instagram stories, cross promoting, sharing user-generated content referencing your business, rewarding your followers and using popular hashtags.

Published by Mudassar Ali