If you want to keep trespassers away from your property and improve the security of it then, the PVC running rails will do the job with charm. These have added advantages over the fences. They deter access to the dangerous locations or the areas from which one must strictly refrain. Available in a wide range of cross-sectional designs and materials, some of the popular ones are made up of metals, PVC, etc. owing to the strength factor of the materials. In this article, we will discuss PVC running rails and a guide to choosing the best from the options available in the market.

Choose the Best

Since these running rails provide ultimate protection and keep the trespassers off the property, hence adequate amount of time needs to be needed in order to select the material and various other aspects of the same. The following are the basic pointers to select the best quality PVC running rails that meet all safety standards: - 

  • The material of the rail must be very tough to bear all of the general atmospheric conditions, such as rain, storm, etc. 
  • The joint strength must be good in order to have a better grip with the ground and must have the strength above the 45 percent of the average value. 
  • All the factors of expansion need to be checked properly before installation so that these rails do not shrink or expand unnecessarily and compromise with the basic security system of the property. 
  • The cost for these rails must be pocket-friendly so that a large group of customers can avail the product while keeping in mind not to have any form of compromise with the product quality or strength, only because of cost. 
  • The brand from which the PVC running rails will be procured must have a good reputation in the market and a rich customer experience in the past, so as to determine the authenticity in the products and services provided by them. 
  • The installation time must be low enough to allow easy dis-assembling also i.e. the setup time must be less to have a good customer-friendly product. 
  • All of the required joints must be tested very well for quality and grip so that they get attached to the ground properly and do not create any problem of breaching.

Additional Features for The Desired Rails 

In order to have the best quality rails, one needs to ensure that the following additional features are met with the base material in order to enhance the strength of the product installed in the property: - 

  • Proper surface treatment should be done with the UV coating in order to increase the joint strength of the product by about 45 percent 
  • It should have added twofold UV inhibitor system for enhanced protection of the structural system 
  • Make sure it also comes with three-fold impact modifier system to have good impact strength to the external loads 
  • Coating of the proper quality of calcium carbonate and other nanoparticle crystals should be done in order to maintain the stability of the UV resistance coating done on the structure

Installation Guide for The Running Rails 

Following pre-requisite steps need to be followed in order to ensure that the railing lasts for long: - 

  • Check the soil quality and hardness to ensure that the adhesion remains intact with the ground 
  • Read the installation manual carefully to understand the roles of the various joints during the installation 
  • Proper calculation of the railing area should be done stop have the optimal exterior protection. 


These are some points that will help you a lot in terms of making the right type of selection of running rails along with the cost in association with the same.

Published by Joel Borthwick