Every year ends with a bang, and as winter arrives most of us gear up for the greatest party season of the year. There are festivities all around and almost everyone we know, from our friends to your colleagues and even your neighbor’s host parties either during the Christmas Eve or the week that follows leading up to a grand New Year eve party. And in such cases all of us wish to out do the other at throwing the most memorable bash of the year.

Throwing a good party is essentially very simple. And even more so because of the internet, which can guide us and help us through every step of the process. For instance, good music can be easily found on the net. Want great food for your party? There are a variety of recipe of Thai dishes in Hindi available all over the net. Even party décor can be very easily done or managed with the help of very easy and efficient online tutorials available on the internet. So given below are a few pointers that one must keep in mind while planning a party worth remembering.

  • One of the biggest turnoff at any party is bad music. And let’s face it, no two people have the same taste in music, so it might seem quite intimidating at first when settling down with a playlist for the party. But not to worry, the internet can be very useful in such cases when you are utterly confused as to which tracks to keep and which ones to discard. There are easily available premade mixed tapes for various kinds of parties and one can be spoilt for choices. Also remember to consult with another person before selecting a party playlist.
  • After music comes the food. Serve bad food at your party and you are sure to get a bad rep for the rest of the year, so it is important that you select the menu carefully and with consideration. Make sure to serve food that not too messy to eat and is rather hassle free to make. Keep your pantry well stocked and make sure the serving bowls are refilled whenever it gets empty. You wouldn’t want your guests to leave your party hungry. Also pick a menu that is light yet tasty like Thai cooking recipes in Hindi, or continental recipes that can be easily found on any cookery book or even the internet.
  • And the last but definitely not the least important aspect of making a party worthwhile is the décor. Make sure it is fun and not too clumsy. Do not use expensive stuff to decorate your party space as guests may spill food or drinks over them. And most importantly make sure there is lot of space for the guests to chat or even let their hair down. A good playlist would ensure that all guests hit the dance floor.

By keeping these fairly simple tips and tricks in mind, you can no doubt throw one of the most memorable parties of the year.

Published by Edward Martin