Most people understand the importance of developing a website that is responsive, and they are finally beginning to understand the value of using a quality web host. However, most people tend to ignore the importance of selecting a reliable web hosting company. As a business owner, you can ensure that your website remains accessible and safe at all times by taking the time to select a reliable web hosting company.

Below we have prepared some tips to help you choose the right web hosting provider.

Know the kind of Web Host you need

You can narrow your web hosting options by understanding the needs of your business. A website which is used as a virtual resume will require fewer features than a site that allows visitors to register and upload their videos, features 24-hour streaming and video blogging. Shared servers are not effective on a website that receives a lot of daily traffic as these servers are developed targeting small websites that have limited demands.

Choose the right hosting package

Although shared hosting which is mostly preferred by small business is cheaper, they come with a bigger risk of slow website response times. Customers are discouraged by slow websites. Options like Virtual Private Server (VPS) though expensive delivers a better customer experience through a faster and high-quality web performance.

Read web hosting reviews

Use third-party reviews when researching a web hosting company is very helpful in discovering persistent complaints and consistent issues from past and current users. Pay attention to how the company responds to complaints to get an idea of how the company deals with unhappy clients. Make sure to use a reliable site such as on MangoMatter when researching on the reputation and reliability of web hosts.

Get the right amount of Bandwidth

When choosing a web host, ensure to choose one that leaves room for growth although most new websites don’t use a lot of bandwidths. Some web hosts will lock you into a given amount of bandwidth and later when you need to revise your hosting plan; they will charge you additional fees.

Don’t get stuck on price

When you are a new business owner with limited resources, you might be attempted to go for the web host company offering the lowest rates. This may result in constant downtime, poor customer service, and slow servers which are associated with thousands of unprofessional websites. Although slightly expensive, selecting a high-quality web host has a lot of benefits to your business.

Read the terms of service

Most people accept the terms of services without understanding what they are signing. Ensure that you don’t just skim through, but you read them. In most cases, the terms of service include the refund policy which you may need to apply later.

Test customer support

Always look for a way to contact the customer support when you are researching on web hosting companies. This will help you determine if you can find an easy way to contact them such email, 24/7 phone support, and or online chat.

The first step to selecting the right web hosting provider is to know what you need. Do your research, read the contract and ask about security issues. Your web host acts as a virtual storefront for your business. Make sure to select a storefront that suited to the needs of your business.

Published by Samantha Brown