As a professional in a highly marketable field of practice, say, Law, Medicine, or Accounting, you will highly likely build a huge customer base as time goes by. As your clientele increases, it becomes a bit hectic to handle all your clients in one or two days, thus the need to schedule appointments. However, sometimes appointments do collide and without properly managing your schedule, your office or place of practice can turn into chaos from time to time. Well, as simple as it may sound, it can be a giant headache to lose a client or two, just because you didn’t remember that you set an appointment with them. As much as you can manage a schedule manually, or employ a PA for that specific job, it can be a pain in the head as much as time and costs are concerned. This thus brings in the necessity to embrace technology, which is where appointment reminder software programs and apps come in!

Appointment reminder software allows you to automate your scheduling process, making it easier to meet, manage, and follow up with your clients in a more professional manner. While such software will initially cost you a couple of bucks, it will contribute to the growth of your business or practice, improve productivity, enhance customer service, and ultimately pay itself within a considerable short time period. It can make you a real boss.

Nonetheless, however, what’s good in having an appointment reminder software or app if you don’t know how to get the most out of it? If you guessed right, the benefits would be minimal. To maximize your business’ potential and help propel your practice forward with automated scheduling management, here are some tips on how to efficiently utilize your appointment reminder software.

1. Pick The Right Software

Before we even get to the nitty-gritty, the first and most important thing when it comes to automating your schedule is to choose the right appointment reminder. There are quite a number of tools like these, and not all of them are the same in terms of user-friendliness, the number of features, and ease of use. For instance, some all in one CRM systems come with appointment schedulers and reminders as one of the features. Again, some appointment reminder software programs are designed to suit certain practices, which makes it important to pick one based on the kind of your business and what exactly it is you need from such an app. Other questions you should ask yourself when choosing this software may include:

  • Does it allow online booking of appointments?

  • Does it ensure client privacy and data security?

  • Does it provide prompt reminders as the appointment date or time approaches?

  • How much does it cost?

  • Does it keep a record of appointment history, contacts, and so on?

With the above in mind, choosing the right appointment reminder software can be less daunting for you.

2. Leverage Online Appointment Scheduling

In today’s world of business, a greater number of your prospects will find you through the internet. To get the most out of today’s technology, this calls for using online appointment management tools, which are sometimes part of Customer Relationship Management systems. The best thing is that online appointment schedulers and reminders are quite easy to use.

With online appointment booking, you simply select on your online calendar, the dates/times when you will be available as well as how long you’ll be available in those time slots. Since your online calendar has a unique link, you simply need to share the calendar with your prospects so they can select the most appropriate time for them when scheduling an appointment. When they’re done booking, the meeting’s details will automatically show on your calendar, and the online reminder software will remind you (as well as the client) in regular bits as the meeting’s due date/time approaches. You can also set the software such that you get alerts via SMS or email whenever a client books an appointment so you don’t miss it. The good thing with this approach is that you can share your link via your website, your social media profile, email, and other relevant platforms. As you can see, it can also serve as a marketing strategy.

3. Make The Best Use of Automated Reminders

The main essence of having an appointment reminder is to reduce and eliminate missed appointments, either from your part or the client’s. The good thing is that these software programs come with an auto-reminder feature. To get the most out of these tools, consider utilizing system triggers and set the program to remind you of specific appointments at a specified time or at regular intervals before the appointment time. In some of these tools, you can even set the system in such a way that it populates all your client’s important details and contact information so you’re well prepared before the time of the meeting.

4. Keep a Priority List

Each and every client has their own needs. Some will come to you with grave, urgent matters that need to be solved as soon as possible, whereas some will come simply to inquire for more information. If you’re a professional in a practice such as medicine, for instance, you will want to create a wait list so that you’re able to cater to those with more urgent medical needs first. Some of the best appointment reminder and scheduler software are designed to allow you to do just this.


5. Ensure That Your Prospects/Clients Get Alerts

A huge mistake that most professionals tend to make when using appointment management software is that, they fail to ensure that their clients receive alerts as well before the appointment date/time. Well, you won’t benefit much from reading your appointment reminders regularly, only for the client in question to fail to show up. Since you will have your client’s details as soon as they book an appointment, use their contacts and set up automatic emails to be sent to them before the meeting, say a day or a few hours before. This can be highly effective in reducing missed appointments or no-shows, helping propel your business or practice higher. 

6. Sync Your Calendars

A good appointment scheduler software allows you to sync your online appointment calendar with other calendars that you frequently use. Remember to sync it with your Google, Office 365, and Outlook calendars for a better view of your appointment schedule. This way, you will be able to see your appointments from whichever calendar app you look at as soon as a client books in. This way, it’s extremely hard for you to miss a meeting.

In most practices, the number of successful appointments you attend to, will have a great impact on your revenues as well as the growth of your business. Appointment reminders are great tools to ensure that you manage your appointments better and stay fully prepared for each and every appointment your clients or prospects book as well as those that you give. 

With the above tips, you can make the best use of your appointment reminder software and spare yourself the frustration that comes with an increased number of no-shows.


Published by Daphenee Plaisir