Everyone wants to dress up fashionably when we travel and a #ootd pic that you want to share with your friends while on vacation.

Let's face it, we want to look stylish and flaunt like a model while sightseeing, So here's how to travel in style like a fashion blogger:


Tip no.1 : Plan Ahead
I always plan ahead on what to wear whenever I travel abroad. I usually visualize what top and bottom can go well together and plan one week before the trip so that I can have plenty of choices and outfit ideas that I can come up with.

When it comes to packing clothes, I like to keep it neutral and classic.  Stick with the clothes you already love and paired with something new or that will perfectly match together.


Tip no. 2 : Dress according to weather.

You don't wanna pack a tank top and shorts in an 8-degree weather right? Check the weather forecast first and planned from there on what kind of clothes you wanna bring and start brainstorming on your upcoming #ootds.

Jumpsuits and denim dress are the safest outfits that you can bring on your vacation. You can pair your jumpsuits with a leather jacket and boots if it's a bit chilly or a denim dress  that match your favorite sandals if you plan to go to the beach.

Tip no. 3 : Comfy at its best- Sneakers

Finding a balance between comfort and fashion is the key when searching for travel footwear. You don't need to pack any kinds of footwear if you have one kicks that says comfort and chic. The all-white sneaker is the must have to pack since it's very versatile and can pair well with jeans, skirts and beyond.

It is the perfect footwear if you need some serious #ootd but still finding it comfortable to wear.


Tip no. 4: Statement Bag

A bag with multiple pockets helps things organized. You can put everything that you need on those pockets like your passport, ticket and travel documents to show at the airport. No more hassle!


Tip no. 5 : A Leather Jacket

When you are traveling to cooler climates (like Baguio!) , it is best to pack a leather jacket to keep you warm especially on ber months!

It's my never fail go-to jacket for all sorts of occasions. It never goes out of style and it's best to pair with anything.


Tip no. 6 : Have Fun!

Of course, Having fun is the main point of traveling regardless of the #ootds we like to upload. What matters most is the adventure and experience we received and the memories will get upon our journey. Happy Travel Everyone and I hope you guys like my post!

Published by Dana Lopez