If your home has a party wall with one or two other houses, it can be quite challenging to renovate without knowing the legal boundaries of what you can and cannot do with the party wall. Most people would ask expert advice from a party wall surveyor in Manchester. Depending on where and how the party walls are set up, naturally, before you do a full renovation of your home, you’ll have to ask permission from the other owner of the party wall that will be involved.

However, there are a couple of ways to create a full renovation without involving the party wall or even needing the permission of the co-owners. Most of the time people resort to this way if the other owners disapprove of you doing anything with the party wall or if they don’t want to bother with more legal procedures. Naturally, these methods are perfectly legal, and the other owner of the party wall cannot object to anything that happens on your side of the wall, so long as it does not damage or reduce the integrity of the wall. This rule also goes for those co-owners. They too can do these things if you didn’t agree to them doing any changes to the wall.

  1. Add another wall

You can layer the party wall with another wall. This will, however, reduce the area inside your home quite a bit because the wall is now occupying it. Still, the benefits to this are great because you can do whatever you like to a wall inside the boundary of your property that doesn’t share a side with a neighbour’s.

  1. Add, alter, or “fix” your side of the wall

By law, you can add, alter, or repair the face of the wall that is facing your side of the boundary, as long as it doesn’t make the wall useless, as stated before. If you don’t want to reduce the area inside your home and would like to keep using the party wall, then just adding a layer to it instead of covering it with your wall is fine too. You can add a fireplace, add soundproofing or insulation to the wall facing your side. The additional thickness to the wall is significantly smaller than in No. 1. and you’ll probably still need to ask permission from the co-owner if you are to bore a hole through the wall that could extend beyond the middle of the wall.

So, remember as long as it is inside your property, you can do anything you want with the wall and as long as it doesn’t put your co-owners at a disadvantage. If you are to do a full renovation, it is best to follow No. 1 just for the convenience. But if you’re looking to save on some expenses then No. 2 is better. In the end, it will depend on what kind of renovation you are going to do and how much will be changed.

Published by Dhiman Jyoti