Hello everyone. Excuse my absence, I do not really have an excuse, but hey, I'm here now.

I go back to college in a week, and am in the process of planning for my hectic schedule. I can never really remember how busy school gets while I'm on vacation, and it always somehow slaps me in the face every year. This year however, I'm starting out how I'll plan my days from now so that I'm in the habit of time management even before I get to my dorm.

Tips from Me:

HAVE ONE DESIGNATED MASTER PLANNER. For me, I have to write things down as I do not trust digital calendars quite yet. They tend to overwhelm me, especially since all I want is a calendar and a place to write to do lists. This planner is where you'll put class times, due dates. test dates, office hours of professors, etc.

NOTES. Decide how you're going to take notes from now. I decided I will have a notebook that'll serve as the rough notebook for when I'm in class. I have another, prettier notbook for each class that will serve as my "make your notes pretty and revise while you transfer them so you remember them better" notebook. I also think this method will make me more inclined to review notes later on because they'll be in a pretty notebook. Another plus is I won't be ashamed of showing people my super messy notes in group study.

TO-DO LIST. This is good to make the night before so that the next day, you can just tick everything off as you do it. This will also help you overcome the inertia of finishing a task and moving on to another.

Any tips you have for me? I always am looking for ways to improve my organization, and hopefully I'll be doing a lot better this year.

Any questions? Let me know! 

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Published by Sabrine G