There are so many dance forms throughout the world that we cannot even think of. World is a big place to halt and if we just try to explore a few of the dance kinds we will merely be able to name a few. The most interesting thing about different kinds of dance forms is that each of these forms are graceful and involves different kinds of costumes. That is the beauty of it. Though once you are in a dance floor, you need to concentrate on the dance completely, and not to worry about the costume. 

Let us go through some of the common types of dance forms:

  • Jazz: This is one of the popular types of dance which is quite famous among dancers and has been influenced by modern, ballet, hip hop, and tap. You need to have split sole Jazz leather shoes for it.
  • Ballet: Ballet is considered as the core of all dances. Before opting for the Pointed shoes, it is important for a dancer to use ballet shoes to develop strength.
  • Hip hop: Raw, edgy, and intense, hip hop is a free style dance. Bright sneakers and specific hip hop shoes are traditional ones and are specifically used for this type of dance.
  • Contemporary: Contemporary dance tends to embody jazz, modern, lyrical, and also ballet. This dance uses techniques of the ballet but does not adhere to the rules. You need to have non-traditional costumes and contemporary dance that normally does not require any shoes. That is, you need to dance bare feet.
  • Tap Dancing: Often described as ‘musical feet’, this type of dance involves the dancers making use of their feet as instruments. The shoes are specifically designed with metal plates on the heel and toes. The shoes are named ‘tap shoes’.
  • Highland Dancing: This type of dance requires a lot of leg and arm strength and a lot of stamina. It is more on the traditional side. Young dancers can opt for the ballet shoes.
  • Irish Dancing: This type of dancing is divided into two forms, the social dance and the performance. This dance concentrates on the foot and leg movements with the arms and the body kept stationery. Hard shoes or the Irish shoes are important here. The Irish dance determines the type of shoes. The dance costumes are intricately designed and are of bold colors.
  • Line Dancing: Line dancing means a sequence of steps being repeated and is closely associated with country music. The dancer can decide on the footwear but more often you have the men opting for the cowboy boots and the women opting for heels. The Cuban heel shoes works apt here.

Choosing a Dance Costume:

Costumes for any type of dance need to complement the choreography. This should not distract from movement and technique. The costumes need to be designed specifically according to the age of a dancer and also the music. Dancing costumes need to enhance the dancing and not show skin unnecessarily.

Group dancing costumes are obviously different from solo costumes. They need to look apt for all the dancers participating. Highly priced costumes are not essential for a dance. As mentioned before, a costume needs to complement the dance and help you concentrate on the moves and techniques.

A costume which can express the artistic vision of the choreographer and enhances the lines which are formed by the body of a dancer can make a costume memorable.

Online Shopping:

To ensure you are making the right choice of a dance costumes, you need to go through all the costumes available. List out the measurements and the type of dance before you conduct a search. You have all the information and details required with online shopping. A little effort is all that you require. You can even compare the prices to ensure you are not over-charged.  


Published by Jack Louis