Looking to heat certain areas of your home?  Ducted gas heating can make the icy months, the darkest and the coldest months easy to go through and tolerable.

  • If you hate frosty months and do not like to touch the icy cold ground with your bare toes, you may consider the ducted heating system.  In a ducted heating system, the heaters have the same mechanism as electrical heaters when it comes to warming a home or an office. The heating unit is centralized which is connected to the range of outlets with the system of ducts.
  • Ducted heating is a real blessing for countries in the Polar Regions since one can heat up the entire space before even getting up from the bed.
  • With the ducted heating, you enjoy uniform temperature which is pleasing, a greater control over the fan speed and the best part is that it avoids the pilot light. It is the efficient kind of central heating preferred over reverse cycle ducted system. Although a fan-forced convection, the gas heater provides radiant heat.

5 Essential Benefits of a Ducted Gas Heating System

Ducted heating is an efficient form of heating which is a major investment. Before installing it, consider the benefits below:

  • The gas ducted heating is the energy efficient heating system, which is much more effective than the usual space heaters. The installation is easy and not much clearance is there under your feet. You may also install it through the ceilings.
  • It may be zoned such that you may heat any specific region of the home. The heating system is divided into bedroom zone, living zone and the common zone.
  • Equipped with the programmable controller, the heating system will turn on before you wake up; turn off automatically when you leave the home.
  • It is environment-friendly as the greenhouse gasses created or emitted is just 1/3rd as and when you compare the ducted system to the traditional heating systems.
  • An additional feature of refrigerated cooling is also available. But, this feature needs to be accommodated within the system when you buy it.

Factors to Consider Before You Install the Ducted Gas Heating Systems in Your Home:

  • Consider the number of ducted outlets you require: When it comes to ducted gas heating, the minimum number of outlets needed is six. An average home can need between 6-10 outlets. If the home is large, then it may need even 16 outlets. Therefore, before choosing the number of outlets for the heating system, you need to consider insulation, the home design and the ceiling heights.
  • The size of the ducted gas heating: The gas heater is normally rated in terms of kw or kilowatt output. It is available in small, medium and large sizes. For one house square, 1 kwis needed. So, you can choose accordingly. For small homes and for small commercial places, you can opt for a small-sized ducted heating, but for large industrial applications, you need to choose a system with larger heating capacity.
  • Consider the star ratings: In the current times, everyone is looking to go green by choosing energy efficient appliances. When you choose the gas heating system, do consider the star rating. Ducted heaters may be categorized as 3 star, 4 star and 5 star of efficiency rating. The 5 star models will need a higher investment but it will help you save on the energy costs.

So, in order to buy the best ducted and gas heating system, you need to consider the working of the central heating unit, the installation needs, its energy efficiency and also the cost of running. The warm air is piped and passed through the various ducts. The operation is quieter, the installation is cheap and the device features a timer and thermostat control.

Published by Joseph Webb