Period perfect bathrooms are an excellent idea for people who strive to add drama and dazzling ambience in the bathroom. The Victorian styled bathroom, regardless how old still has an immense presence and influence in decorating a captivating bathroom. A Victorian theme is perfect for creating a blend of classy appearance and relaxed ambience in the interior. The Victorian theme can be a revival for your old bathroom and an ideal excuse to remodel, especially if you are a fan of the great era.

However, creating a perfect Victorian-inspired bathroom isn’t easy; there are many elements to consider. However, do not worry, I will help you out.

Here are a few tips to help you in your endeavour.

Look into Details

When creating the Victorian era look in your bathroom, it is better to look for advice and work upon it. Do your researches to find the style you want to create, like looking into the magazines and on the internet for a clearer view and design in mind. The detailing is always important as it will give you a perfect finish and desired results with the sense of sophistication when achieving a Victorian bath. You can also seek advice from the professionals in the industry.

Introduce Signature Elements

The Victorian era had signature elements in their bathrooms such as porcelain claw foot bathtubs or dragon claw feet tubs. These bathtubs not only look elegant but have good thermal power and can retain the warmth for a more extended period. These tubs have a metallic claw-like foot which comes in various designs. The Victorian-style bathtubs have one side higher than the other meant for resting the head and the lower end for the taps. You can buy Victorian style bathtubs and other elements from the leading bathroom products suppliers like the Pacific Bathroom Products, Middletons Bathroom Warehouse, EOS Bath and much more.

Frameless Ornate Mirrors

A bathroom no matter designed from any era is incomplete without a mirror; the Victorian era had substantial frameless ornate mirrors which were decorative as well as pretty. The period had a royal, and this can be created in your bathroom by investing in antique mirror frame and replacing it with a new mirror in it. You can buy these mirror frames from the antique shops near you, and my advice would be to go with silver or gold frames.

Decadent Basin and Toilet Seats

When you are creating a real Victorian design, you won't choose a plain, no-frills basin and toilet set. Vintage bathroom products had a touch of embellishment, scroll, leaf and flower designs as they were seen as luxurious. So, it would help if you went for a traditional basin and toilet seat with eye-catching features and curves to create the right appeal. Victorian inspired basin and toilet seats are made of ceramic which means there will be no swelling of the basin or WC units, but this style doesn’t allow for storage space. If you want to add storage as well, you can go for a pedestal sink attached to the wall and sitting on a porcelain or metal base. This is a space saving and attractive addition.

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