There are many reasons why people vape. Some do it for pure relaxation while others, to improve their social image. Several people also choose to vape in order to quit smoking. Regardless of the reason why you’re vaping, one thing is for sure – your vaping experience can affect your life in more ways than one. And if you’re someone who’s looking for ways to enhance your vaping experience, opt to use CBD vape oil. Not only will this give you the satisfaction of using an e-cigarette, but using CBD vape oils can also improve your health over time. If you want to enjoy all of the benefits without breaking the bank, consider the following tips to find a free shipping online store for your CBD vape oil needs:


Take time to chat: Most companies selling CBD products online know that shipping fees are one of the reasons why online shopping carts are abandoned before customers check out. Once you find the right CBD vape oil for your needs, don’t immediately click the “buy” button once you’re at the virtual checkout counter. Instead, take time to chat with the seller and ask if offer free shipping, discounts or coupons. This is an important tip — especially if you’re a first-time buyer.

When the online store you’re eyeing to buy products from has a real-time chat support feature, keep those windows open. Don’t be afraid to ask if they offer free shipping. Don’t fret once they say no; they might offer coupons, which you can use for discounts.


2. Apply a coupon: If you didn’t have any luck getting a free shipping deal or discount from the online store, opt to take matters into your own hands. Go through several coupon sites on the World Wide Web and look for coupons applicable to the online store you’re planning to buy CBD vape oils from. There are a handful of sites that offer this service, so make sure you have the time to go through all of these. You can start your search by looking for online coupons for


3. Buy in bulk: It’s common for online stores to require a minimum order before letting customers enjoy their free shipping services. Usually, you won’t have to pay for any shipping costs as long as you buy the products in bulk. This option might require you to spend more than you expected but think of it this way: you’ll have CBD vape oil supplies for months — with just one purchase. That’s convenience and savings for you!


4. Get a subscription: If you’re planning to use CBD vape oil long-term, paying a small fee in exchange for free shipping with all of your orders might be an excellent choice. Several service providers partner with online stores in order to give free two-day shipping to its buyers. You can take advantage of these services by signing up for a free 30-day trial. Just make sure to cancel the subscription before the trial is up to avoid automatic payments being taken out.


5. Pick up in person: One of the most innovative ways to score a free shipping deal is by picking up the product in person. Some online stores offer site-to-store shipping at no additional cost. You’ll basically buy products online and have these products delivered at a store near you. This might be a little inconvenient compared to the other options available but as long as you’re saving money, walking several blocks just to get your CBD vape oil will be worth it.


6. Download the store’s app and save: The production and sale of CBD products are widely accepted in some parts of the globe. This regulation has allowed many CBD companies to thrive and grow. Some of these companies already have an app to cater to their customers’ needs. If you’re living in a state or country where CBD business is legal, look for sellers who have their own app and download it. Sellers generally offer free shipping and discounts to customers who download their app or purchase their products for the first time.


Dare To Compare

Everyone wants to save money when it comes to their purchases, regardless of how big or small the amount is. Buying from an online store that offers free shipping is one of the simplest ways of saving. However, when it comes to CBD vape oil, it’s crucial that you scout for options and compare their offerings first. This will help you determine the appropriate price point for your CBD vape oil purchase, maximizing the savings you can get from the product.  


Published by Elena Tahora