Heavy-duty machines are an absolute necessity at every construction site. Unfortunately, this equipment can be extremely dangerous if not maintained, where faulty parts would lead to serious hazards. So, a great way to avoid such circumstances is to maintain these equipment to perfection and ensure that their different components are working the way they should. 

One of the most commonly found machines is lifting equipment and this requires equal amount of care and maintenance as any other equipment used in the project.  

The question that arises here is how should you take care of the lifting machines? Are there any specific steps that you must adhere to? What kind of products should be used for their maintenance? Wondering what the answers would be so read on further to find out more, as this article reveals the top 5 tips that must be followed for maintain a lifting machine. 

1. Lubricate the Moving Parts of Machine

The main purpose of lifting machine is to lift loads or objects and then place them at the desired location. Its functionality is almost like that of a forklift. Therefore, to maintain their efficacy, you must lubricate their moving parts from time to time, as this would reduce unwanted wear and tear due to friction. Moreover, lubricates even remove rust on the machines that would otherwise affect its performance. 

When selecting lubricate make sure that you choose a product designed specifically for lifting equipment. You can consult with a professional, focusing on the way you use the machine, the load it handles per day and then decide the strength of lubrication that it will require. 

2. Check the Fluid Levels

Like any other equipment, the lifting machines are driven by a combination of fluids that keep it running efficiently and smoothly. Hence, do look after the level of two important fluid levels, which are: 

  • Hydraulic fluid
  • Brake fluid

The optimal level of hydraulic fluid facilitates in the lifting process, while brake fluids are essential to improve safety when using the equipment. 

3. Avoid Lifting Loads Beyond the Capacity of Equipment

Maintenance is not only about taking care of the equipment; rather, it is even about following the guidelines mentioned by the manufacturer. A common mistake that most of the people make is that they tend to lift loads that are more than the capacity of the equipment and this alters the durability and effectiveness of the machine to a significant extent. 

To avoid such complications, it is advised to use the lifting equipment only to lift loads or objects according to the specified limits.  

4. Make it A Routine

Just like the annual check-up performed by a skilled technician, make sure that you take care of the machine at least once in a week focusing on the overall condition and functionality of the equipment. By doing so, you are apparently able to preserve the lifespan of the machine, as frequent usage and regular wear and tear somehow makes it prone to malfunctions. 

5. Seek Help from Experts

If you find there is something wrong with the equipment while checking it and are not sure whether you can repair, it or not then seek help from experts immediately. This can be beneficial in not just one but many ways: 

  • The experts have an eye to details and address the problem effectively.
  • They will come up with advance solutions to ensure that the problem does not persist again.
  • Professional services on time will ensure that it does not take the shape of a major issue. 

So, when you want to maintain lifting equipment to perfection never forget to follow the five simple and easy tips mentioned above. 

Published by Justin Jersey