Getting prepared to welcome the newcomer is an exciting and exciting time!

Not only it will bring joy and happiness, it also gives rise to many unforeseen challenges. It makes you feel drained, cranky, and will give rise to many new emotions that are hard to express.

However, with so many hormonal and physical changes, women will start feeling depressed. Questions like is the food healthy, is it safe to exercise, how will I deal with parenthood and many more, start juggling the mind. Although little stress and fears are normal, if you are facing issues that are not going away, it’s a serious concern.

Have a look at below-mentioned tips that would help you in your pregnancy time:

Pay Attention to Your Emotions:

Take your feelings seriously! You will notice many changes in your mood and feelings, have a look on that. Notice when you are feeling happy and when you are sad. If you are not feeling good about anything, find the reason for your anxiety. Minor concerns are normal, but if you are having severe issues, it can affect your baby’s health too. So, talk to your friends or doctor or someone you trust regarding this.

Pregnancy Leaves:

If you are working women, asking for maternity leaves is a must! After all, you will soon be going to face morning sickness, fatigue, and other pre-pregnancy cramps in which you would not love to work. Many countries even impose laws for maternity leaves like the California pregnancy and maternity leave laws to help women feel relaxed during their pregnancy period.   

Depression is common!

Pregnant women should understand that getting depressed during pregnancy is quite common. Women feel worried about miscarriage, the health of the baby, how she will deal with parenthood and many other things. There will be mood swings and many other factors that contribute to depression and stress in women. However, it’s not mother’s fault!

Ask Help When Alone:

Women mostly feel alone and depressed when they don’t find anyone around, especially at the time of pregnancy. Moreover, they feel ashamed or embarrassed to seek help about their problem. People mostly think of women to become happy after the birth of the baby, however, if she is not happy, ask a doctor or a counselor for the help.

Getting Help is Important:

If you are having nightmares, anxiety and serious illness during pregnancy, ask for prompt help. It will not only keep you healthy but will also keep baby healthy. Moreover, if you are dealing with any serious concerns like work-related issues you can take help from a government lawyer to sue the employer.

While the above advice is quite helpful for pregnant women, certain things can bring you and your baby at risk, some of them are:

  • Previous problems with mental health
  • Feeling alone
  • Going through any abuse
  • Dealing with drugs or alcohol
  • A broken relationship

Pregnancy brings many changes in the body. While some are normal, some can give rise to severe issues.

Published by Janice Cook