The high demand for Cannabidiol products is surprising because these demands are not easily met by the existing suppliers. The CBD market is continuously growing above what was previously forecasted. This is good news because it shows that more people are learning about the benefits of CBD and are using it to boost the quality of life. If you want to be a CBD distributor, you need to find the right wholesaler. Here are a few tips to ensure that you choose the best CB wholesale company.

Superior product

Successful hemp distributors must ensure that they deliver superior CBD oil products to guarantee repeat business from their clients. This is why you need to look for a wholesaler who will provide high-quality products that your clients will love. This means that you go for products that have a higher concentration of CBD oil content. In addition, it should be made from full spectrum oil and must be free of any genetic modifications or pesticides. With quality CBD products, you will be guaranteed a successful distributorship business.


The location where the CBD oil is sourced from will tell of its quality. Most reputable wholesalers will source their CBD oil from the United States or Europe where most farmers have years of experience growing industrial hemp. If the wholesaler you are considering grows their own hemp plants, then you need to check their farming practices to be sure that they are performing above standard practices.

Method of extraction

There are different ways of extracting CBD oil from hemp plants. Some techniques tend to use harsh chemicals that are challenging to completely eliminate from the final CBD product. The CO2 extraction process is considered to be the highest extraction standard. Even though it is complicated, it is a clean and safe method that will result in pure CBD oil.

Compliance with the law

As a CBD oil distributor, you want to be sure that all the products you sell are in full compliance with the law. This is important because you do not want to sell products that will bring you legal problems in the future. Make sure that the CBD wholesale company you choose produces products that are in compliance with the Federal Farm Bill Section 7606 for all industrial hemp products. This is a guarantee that your products will not be considered as a medical marijuana derivative.

Rigorous testing

You need a manufacturer that conducts extensive testing on each batch of industrial hemp plants. Thorough testing should also be done throughout the extraction process to guarantee the quality of CBD products. A good company will also carry out 3rd party testing on their finished products. This will help to ensure that their in-house tests are accurate and make sure that all the products that they release for sale have the highest quality standards. A copy of this test should be provided to distributors.


Even though there is scientific research that supports the health benefits of CBD, suppliers should not make medical claims regarding their CBD oil. You should be wary of claims made by a wholesale company about their products. Note that most of these claims are not supported by FDA. The FDA disclaimer should always be visible on their website as is required.

As a distributor, you need to get a reputable CBD wholesaler to buy your products from. Finding a reputable company will be beneficial to your business and your customers. Always be wary of companies that offer incredibly low prices for their products. When it comes to CBD, you will always get what you pay for.

Published by Karen Anthony