Some trends of finding a job and successfully landing it change because of the digitalized world and the impact the social media is making. But some rules always stay the same.

There’s an article where you will find some tips and techniques for job seeking in 2019 and in this one we’ll overview the important ones in more detail.


In times of social media, it is recommended to review all your public social media profiles before sending a CV.  Some people might consider it unethical to review a candidate's personal profiles on Facebook or Instagram before inviting to a job interview. But we have to admit that many companies do it anyway. It makes it is easier to identify what kind of person you are and if you’ll be a good fit for the team.

You should also review your LinkedIn profile. This one is way more professional, so most likely you won’t have any unwanted information displayed there, but check it anyways. Also, if you want to present yourself as a specialist in your field, you might want to polish your profile. You can do it by adding additional projects and skills to it.

Prepare Your Resume Well

Don’t forget to renew your resume before sending it out. Maybe you’ve gained some skills and additional experience over the time? Then definitely add it to your resume. Also, if you have changed a lot of jobs lately or have some really irrelevant experience written down, you might want to remove that too.

Remember to focus on what’s important. Depending on your field, you should consider the job experiences that are the most relevant to this job position. Move it to the top and maybe add some more information about it. Also really focus on your field and try to show yourself off as a real professional. For example, if you work with graphic design, you might want to create an entirely new design for your resume.

On the other hand, you can always use websites like where you will be able to use resume templates that have been created by real professionals. This will guarantee a better rate of success in job interviews for sure.

Do Your Research

Make sure you research the company you want to work for, its’ competitors, and the entire market of a specific field. Doing a research like that before the job interview will give you two advantages.

First of all, you’ll show your future employer your devotion and motivation to work for the company. Also, this will show your knowledge, experience, and interest in a specific field.

And secondly - you’ll have more things to talk about and discuss. The job interview will be more insightful and memorable. Also, don’t forget that you don’t have to take the job if you are the one who is unhappy with the interview, even if the employer is. Use these 6 steps to figure if you’ve got the right job offer after all.

Prepare For The Upcoming Questions

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You can easily find common job interview questions on Google and prepare for them. Here are some of the questions that are a classic in job interviews: “What can you tell me about yourself?”, “Why did you leave your last job?”, “Why did you take a year break between jobs?”, “Are you good with working in a team?”, “What are your strengths and weaknesses?”, “Where do you see yourself in five or ten years?”, and similar.

Also, you could consider the obvious questions the human relations specialist might ask you. These might depend on your resume, on the conversation you had on the phone, or on the requirement of this job position. And don’t be afraid to ask the hiring specialist about the type of job interview the company is planning. It could be one-on-one or in a group with other important employees, so you might want to prepare for that as well.

Dress For The Occasion And Don’t Be Late For The Interview

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This point is quite obvious, but yet very crucial for your success. The first impression that you will make of yourself when you meet with the hiring specialist in person is very important. So plan what are you going to wear the night before. Make sure to go to bed on time and not stay out too late. Clean your shoes and avoid things like smoking before the interview so you smell nice.

And most importantly - don’t be late. This is a way to express your respect for the company and the specialists that you are about to meet. The company might have really unstrict rules regarding the time of arriving and leaving work because it really depends on the field. But the job interview is a completely different thing, here you’ll have to show respect and show up on time. Don’t arrive too early though - that’s also considered to be rude behavior. The ideal timing is to arrive approximately 15 minutes before the interview.


Published by Samantha Brown